REVIEW: Adley Stump’s EP “Like This”

The Voice contestant and friend to Keepin’ It Country, Adley Stump, released a four-track EP today, entitled Like This. Like This features four extremely different tracks, ranging from angry to sad and sassy to vulnerable. Adley explores love lost on different levels, whether it is because of a man who puts up walls and is afraid to let someone in or whether that man ended up sneaking around with someone else. As Miranda Lambert sings in Baggage Claim, “behind every woman scorned is a man who made her that way;” and if these tracks are indicative of Adley scorned, we are sorry to tell you, Adley, but we hope you stay that way!

The “4-pack” kicks off with Fall, which gives listeners a taste of Adley’s diversity. The song, which is extremely radio-friendly, exudes that “little bit country, little bit rock ‘n’ roll” vibe, which fits Adley’s personality perfectly. The three and a half minute track is a true sampling of Adley’s soft, vulnerable side, as well as her strong, powerful side.

Next comes the EP’s title track, Like This, which has a sassy “I’m better than her” message. If Willa Ford and Shania Twain had a baby, it would be Adley on this song. There is something very “I wanna be bad” along with a confident, pop/rock/country sound about this track. Adley Adley Adley whatcha want whatcha want?

Never Read This is about never believing that the man you love would leave you for someone else, and that despite knowing someone extremely well, you never know when that person will surprise you. The third song on the EP really tones it down and further substantiates that the bubbly country rocker is able to slay a ballad as much as she is able to make us clench our fists and sing at the top of our lungs with the windows down.

Lastly, Walking Away is about all the things you would expect from a country song — a truck, drinking, smoking, and cheating. However, instead of the subdued, blindsided with sadness response like the one in Never Read This, this time Adley comes out, guns blazing, and expresses her anger toward the man who doggone done her wrong! Complete with the description “pissed off, hell-raising woman that you lost,” this song has anthem written all over it!

This EP is perfect for the music lover who enjoys a combination of the country western drawl and the pop/rock attitude of a Kelly Clarkson or P!nk album. Adley has more than proven her capabilities in these four tracks, and your iTunes collection is simply incomplete without her diverse and well-rounded project. Make sure to download Like This on iTunes today!

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