Exclusive Interview: The Voice’s Brandon Chase

Last week, America was introduced to Brandon Chase, a rising country singer from Arlington, Texas who was picked by Blake Shelton on NBC’s The Voice. We’re pretty excited to say “We knew him first” when it comes to Brandon, as we discovered him earlier this year and spoke to him about his musical aspirations. He even appeared on our StageIt and world premiered a song called “Miracle” for the fans watching live.

Having worked with Brandon, we were thrilled to discover he was going to be appearing on The Voice. In addition to being an incredible talent, he’s also one of the nicest people we’ve ever had the chance to speak with. Luckily, we were able to chat with him again after his first appearance on The Voice.

If you missed Brandon’s appearance, he sang “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes, a song he’s done many times before.  “’Wanted’ is a song I’ve been doing for quite a while since it came out…and everyone’s always loved it. It’s such a great song, and the lyrics are awesome. It makes you feel good, and it’s a song I can relate to and come across as genuine.” Brandon says. “Those lyrics are truly what I want to do with my music, to make people feel wanted and special, because they are.”

Blake was first to turn around during the performance, followed shortly after by CeeLo. Brandon admitted that he was a little shocked to turn CeeLo’s chair, expecting him to be the last one to turn around. However, Brandon admits that although he kept an open mind, Blake was always his first choice. “I was kind of always planning on picking Blake. He was my first choice from the very beginning.” Brandon admits. “Ultimately, Blake, him saying that I’m a true country artist and that it runs in my blood was just confirmation for me and there was really nothing CeeLo could do to say or top that. I had to go with Blake.”

Out of curiosity, we asked Brandon who’d he have chosen had Blake not turned around, but the other judges had. The answer is a no-brainer for the guitar-playing, singer-songwriter: Adam. “He’s a great musician. I really respect artists that are extremely talented at their instrument and Adam is also a fantastic guitar player. He writes, sings and play an instrument. He’s just what I aspires to be like.”

If he makes it past the show’s Battle rounds, Brandon says he’s definitely willing to branch away from just country songs, as long as he can make the songs his own. “I listen to everything and I respect music and songwriters. I love covering all different kinds of songs, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know who I am as an artist.” Brandon says, “There are so many great songs out there and it’s fun to do something out of your element and put your own on a spin on it.”

As a songwriter, Brandon says he’d love to perform an original if the show allowed it. He tells us that he’d probably choose “Lemonade Sunday,” “Most Beautiful Thing” or a brand new song he’s excited about.

Since his first audition aired, Brandon has been overwhelmed by the response from the fans. “So many things have shocked me. Pretty much everything since Monday night when the show aired has been unreal. Having my name talked about on the big radio stations in my hometown…I got my first newspaper page…”

Brandon says he’s most excited about the overwhelming response from the fans who are so excited for him, and that he’s having a blast talking to them. He said that he would encourage his fans to pursue their dreams just like he has.  “My message to the fans, besides just a thank you for accepting me so graciously and supporting me, my message would just be to chase your dreams,” Says Brandon. “That’s exactly what I’m doing and anyone else can do that as well. As long as you put your heart into whatever you believe in and work hard at it and give it everything you have, you can succeed. You have no other option but to succeed.”

As for the most common question that Brandon fans wanted us to ask. We’ve got an answer for you, and he told us that the question makes him blush every time.  “I am single,” Brandon tells us. “But I’m definitely, at the moment, totally devoted to my music and it’s really the focus of my life at this point.”

We’d like to thank Brandon for taking the time to talk to us, and wish him the best on his journey on The Voice. For more info, you can follow him on Twitter at @brandonjchase or visit his official site.