EXCLUSIVE: Catching up with The Voice’s Brandon Chase

It’s no secret that Brandon Chase of NBC’s The Voice is a favorite here at Keepin’ It Country. We had the chance to catch up with Brandon last week after his Voice Battle round aired. As usual, he was incredibly humble and gave us some insight into his journey on the show thus far.

Although only a few seconds of Brandon’s battle round actually aired on television, we were thrilled with Brandon’s big win. He told us that it was beyond difficult to keep that secret. “Keeping the secret of the Blinds was hard and the Battles was equally, if not more difficult.. I so wanted to say ‘Yeah I made it’ but I contained myself.”

For his battle, Brandon went up against 15-year-old, Emily Randolph and performed “Tiny Dancer.” Both the song choice and his competitor made him nervous, as he admitted he wasn’t too familiar with the Elton John track. “I wasn’t super familiar with the song and didn’t know that Tim McGraw had a version,” Brandon tells us. “But after hearing that version, the choice made a lot more sense to me. It ended up being an incredible song for my voice. It really compliments my tone and shows off my range more than a song I might’ve picked would have.”

He was also nervous when he found out he was paired with Emily. “I was like, I don’t want to beat a 15 year old girl and feel horrible, but on the flip side, man, I don’t want to get beat by a 15 year old girl.”

In the end, Brandon did emerge victorious over Emily, but he told us that it was a great battle and a very close call. “I think me being a little bit older and having performed a little more maybe helped in my favor.”

In addition to winning his battle, he worked closely with his coach, Blake Shelton, and team mentor/musical icon, Cher. “Cher, she’s an icon. She’s been in the business for so long and is so successful so just being in the same room with her was awesome. I just really wanted to be a sponge and soak up everything she had to say.”

In addition to learning from Cher, Brandon took a lot from his experiences with Blake as they prepped for battle. “Blake is awesome and as a country artist, I can definitely relate to him. He’s one of the hottest things in country music so to have any kind of connection with him is awesome.” Brandon said. “Country music is a family so to be a part of that family and get to know one of the main guys in that family has been amazing.”

Since his first episode aired, Brandon has played a handful of shows, but none yet in his hometown, which he’s most looking forward to. He’s been shocked and humbled by the new fans, encouragement and increase in Twitter followers since his first appearance on the show. “I knew that I’d obviously get some new followers, but the number is amazing. My Twitter followers has more than tripled overnight. It’s shocking.”

Fear not Chasers, none of you have scared Brandon away yet with your messages or admiration. He told us that he hasn’t received any weird messages, but is beyond flattered by the number of marriage proposals that he’s received.

Stay tuned to NBC’s The Voice tonight to catch Brandon’s “Knockout” round where we’ll see if he advances to the next round. You can catch him on Twitter at @BrandonJChase and make sure to hit iTunes to download his performances from the show (including “Tiny Dancer”) and his original pre-Voice music.