Celebs Tweet the Darnedest Things!

If you follow us on Twitter (@keepinitblog), you know we are relatively active and love to chat with our readers. We also occasionally tweet sarcastic and comedic (at least WE think we are being comedic!) comments out to the over 32,000 people who see us in their timelines. Lucky for us, the artists we report on share our senses of humor. As such, we thought it would be fitting if we started sharing with all of you some of our favorite celebrity tweets that we come across in our timeline each week. With that being said, we would like to introduce you to our new feature, entitled Celebs Tweet the Darnedest Things!

Blake Shelton: Earlier this week, Blake tweeted the sweetest thing about his wife, Miranda Lambert. Then, in true Blake fashion, on the same day, Blake sent Miranda this tweet about their newly (unilaterally) adopted dog, Bellamy. Miranda tweeted “@mirandalambert: Bellamy….did @blakeshelton give you my shoe? I know he hates these…” and included this adorable picture of little Bellamy:


Without missing a beat, Blake responded to his wife with “@blakeshelton: No I gave him rat poison.”

Only Blake, folks. Only Blake.

Kelly Clarkson: You might have heard about this one on the radio because it seemed to draw some attention from country music DJs. As we all know, Kelly is engaged to Reba McEntire‘s stepson, Brandon Blackstock (who is also Blake’s manager). However, this week, Kelly took to Twitter to announce that another man is actually her soulmate.

Kelly tweeted “@kelly_clarkson: I’m just gonna say it… he’s my soulmate. #joplin #sorrybrandon #hashtag” along with this picture of the man who truly has her heart:

Kell Joplin

We see where Brandon ranks … and so do Kelly’s 8.5+ million followers! Oh, and Brandon saw it too. He eloquently responded with “@BBlackstock: Bullshit:)”.

Carrie Underwood: In what was my personal favorite Twitter exchange of the week, Carrie innocently tweeted to support her husband, Nashville Predator hockey player, Mike Fisher, during his game against the St. Louis Blues.

Carrie lovingly tweeted “@carrieunderwood: Fisher scoooores!!! Now, go do that about 3 or 4 more times! :)”

Of course, someone had to catch the possible innuendo there. Rolling Stone contributing editor, David Wild, wasn’t about to let Mrs. Fisher escape unscathed from her “that’s what she said” worthy statement. David responded to Carrie with “@Wildaboutmusic: PLEASE keep your personal life to yourself.” Carrie was rendered speechless (or tweetless?) after being called out on her slight blunder. Carrie bowed her head in defeat as she responded to David with “@carrieunderwood: I can’t even pretend I’m mad at that one…well played…”

We agree. Well played, indeed, Mr. Wild.

Laura Bell Bundy: Speaking of messages with sexual innuendo, leave it to Laura Bell Bundy to bypass the whole innuendo thing and just go right for the sexual. Laura welcomed Wednesday with open arms!

@LauraBellBundy: Hump the one you love today, happy hump day #wednesday #humpday”

Take Laura’s advice with caution, folks, but she certainly makes Wednesdays seem more enticing than that darn camel…

Chuck Wicks: Rounding out this week’s top celebrity tweets is Chuck Wicks. Evidently Chuck was a fan of Siri … until he saw the person who lends her voice to Apple’s version of an electronic personal assistant. Chuck tweeted “@chuckwicksmusic: So the lady that does “Siri” and “GPS” is talking on the News.. She just ruined a lot of people’s fantasy of what Siri looked like. Lol”

In Siri’s words, “That. Isn’t. Very. Nice.” Looks like Chuck will be changing his settings in iOS7 and will be soliciting the help of the male version of Siri moving forward.

We would absolutely love all of your help tracking down the best country music celeb tweets of the week. If you see a tweet during the week that you think should be spotlighted on Fridays, please tweet it to us using #KICcelebtweets. And, country music celebs, keep on tweeting on!

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