Celebs Tweet the Darnedest Things!

Welcome to another entertaining installment of Celebs Tweet the Darnedest Things! Without further ado, we present to you the recent tweets that made us laugh, message each other, laugh some more, and hit “favorite” to preserve the tweets for today’s edition!

Miranda Lambert: Though she is married to the ever-so-talkative, Blake Shelton, Miranda is occasionally a woman of few words. This week, she very simply stated on Twitter “@mirandalambert#imatitbag“. We don’t know what sparked this (other than a previous tweet to her hubby, telling him to shut up and calling him “titbag”), but we simply do not care. The word “titbag” is now a permanent part of our vocabularies, thanks to Mrs. Shelton.

Brett Eldredge: So so many to choose from this week by country newcomer, Brett. Speaking of vocabulary, we decided this one was too great to pass up. Clearly between shows, Brett has resorted to playing some games on his cell phone, as he recently tweeted “@bretteldredge: I just spelled “Turd” on words with friends….I don’t know why but that made me very happy! #yesIm12yrsOld“. One, turd is a fantastic word, and if he was able to strategically place said word on his board, he likely did alright with the point value (not great, but alright); two, turd is a fantastic word, so who cares about point value?! Brett sounds like the type of guy we all want to challenge in Words With Friends! Send game requests, Brett!

Lady Antebellum: Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley recently spent some peaceful time fishing with his country megastar buddy, Luke Bryan. Joining the pair of superstars was also Luke’s five-year-old son. Is Luke’s son a good fisherman? Well, it seems so … at least compared to Charles! “@ladyantebellum: just caught me my first fish of the day w @LukeBryanOnline. his 5 yr old son already caught 3 more than me. humbling. – ck”. It’s alright, Charles. You can still take us downtown anytime!

Sunny Sweeney: We know we featured her last week, but, seriously, Sunny’s tweets may be a common trend on a weekly basis. There is no denying that she has the ability to make us laugh constantly, and this tweet was simply impossible to ignore! “@GettinSweenered: Our driver is listening to “Too Legit To Quit”. I’m serious. And I just asked her to turn that shit UP!!” We tweeted her back to make sure she was doing the Too Legit to Quit hand motions, and her response was “duh!” Sunny, you are too legit for us to quit calling you out on your tweets! Keep ‘em comin’, sista!

The Band Perry: As you know, The Band Perry is a trio of siblings. Luckily, siblings are always there for each other — in good times, in bad times, and to knock each other down a few pegs if necessary! Neil Perry took to Twitter this week to remind everyone how great it is to be on the road with family. “@thebandperry: My family keeps me grounded. They say I sometimes get a big head. -np” and included this picture:


Thanks for another fantastic week of social media bliss, country stars! Keep the funny tweets coming!

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