Adley Stump and Joe Diffie Honor Oklahoma Tornado Victim’s Family

For those of you who follow Adley Stump on Twitter and Facebook, you know she has been updating her social media pages over the last week, saying that she stole Joe Diffie‘s new Nissan and is on the run with the truck. Yesterday, Adley updated her followers, advising that Joe found her and his Nissan and that the two would be heading to their home state of Oklahoma to do something very special later that night. And special it was, indeed.

As you all will recall, in May 2013, Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas were devastated by a tornado, which claimed the lives of many. One of the victims of the storm was third grader, Antonia Candelaria, who went to elementary school like every other day and, along with six other students, never came home.

While driving around in the Nissan, Adley stopped in six cities in three different states, telling the Candelaria family’s story. Her final stop, with Joe in tow, was to meet the Candelarias and present them with a brand new, fully loaded Nissan Titan. Adley expresses her gratitude to Capital Mortgage, Nissan, and Joe Diffie, as well as her fans, for their support for making this happen for the Moore, Oklahoma family.

Thank you to Adley for taking us on her journey over the last few days and sharing with everyone her selflessness as she reached her destination. If you have learned one thing this week, let it be to always hug your loved ones before you part ways and that, despite the negativity in this world, there are more wonderful people, like Adley and Joe, out there than people who bring us down.

Our continued thoughts and prayers go out to the Candelarias and the other victims of the Oklahoma tornado. We hope the Candelaria family makes many incredible memories with their new Nissan Titan!

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