Kelly Clarkson Promotes Safe Driving

Kelly Clarkson recently teamed up with “Celebrate My Drive,” a project created by State Farm to promote safe driving. Statistically, automobile accidents are the number one cause of death for teenagers in North America, and, as such, State Farm seeks to implement safe driving tactics (such as “2N2″, or two eyes on the road and two hands on the wheel) in hopes of saving lives.

“Celebrate My Drive” will up the ante in promoting vehicular safety October 18-26, 2013 when local State Farm agents will host student-focused events across North America. During this time (or commitment period), your community will be encouraged to make safe driving commitments on behalf of your high school. The more commitments made, the better your chances of winning a grant for your high school. And, here is where Kelly comes in … your school even has a chance to win one of two private Kelly concerts! The more commitments made, the better your chance of having Kelly show up at your school to perform just for you and your classmates!

Head over to the Celebrate My Drive website and register your school (if it is not registered already). Then, from October 18-26, spread the word around your community, receive commitments from students, teachers, parents, siblings, and other community members, and Kelly Clarkson just may be coming to celebrate your drive with you!

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