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Canadian singer-songwriter Marshall Dane released his sophomore country album “One Of These Days” earlier this month and we got the chance to talk to Marshall about his brand new record! In our exclusive interview with him we discuss why he’s so emotional talking about the record, what song is hard for him to sing live, what it is about country music that he loves so much, and why country fans should check him out. Get to know Marshall below in our interview.

The Canadian country rocker was nominated for the Country Music Association of Ontario (CMAO)’s Male Vocalist of the Year and Album of the Year. It was recorded in London, Ontario in June 2012 and is the follow-up to his successful “Running Stop Signs.”

Check out our interview with Marshall Dane and remember to pick up your copy of “One Of These Days” from iTunes.

How excited were you to finally release your new album “One Of These Days”?

You have no idea. For the most part, I’ve waited three years to – well, as soon as I was done recording “Running Stop Signs” I was ready to write another record (laughs). I’ve waited from then until now. I’m excited for everybody to finally hear it and see what our latest creation sounds like and how it effects everybody.

Do you feel like there’s a big difference between your two albums?

Yes! Definitely. By big difference…it’s three years of growth musically and emotionally, then you take those three years of new information and tie that in with three years of experience you’ve got, and try to make something that hits even harder and goes even faster to try and make people react even more. It’s a step in a different direction, in a slightly more advanced direction. I love them both the same, but you’re always trying to make something that’s more accessible to people and open up so that they can enjoy it.

Is there anything that you felt was pretty emotional for you to write on “One Of These Days”?

I basically started writing this album in the summer of 2011. That year was a very emotional year for me; I had a lot of personal things in my life that helped and contributed to writing this new record and selecting the songs that were going to make this collection on the album. “One Of These Days” is not about wallowing in the past by any means; it’s definitely about looking into the future. It’s not a pessimistic half-empty, it’s about looking at one of these days and realizing that this glass is so half-full and that we aren’t looking back anymore.

There’s a couple of tunes that when I’m on stage… like “How Do I Get There From Her.” I have to get inside the song and then I have to also remember that I’m in front of a bunch of people (laughs). You want to get in there and you want to let them see you, but you know, there’s a tipping point. That song means a real lot to me. Of course, “One Of These Days” does as well. “Girl we always say someday when it comes to leaving this town,” and I live that exact concept where it’s like, I don’t leave, I have to stay here and I have to get something done and I can’t leave yet because it will cost me more to leave. Every time I think about that song I realize I’m at that point right now, it’s One Of These Days. There’s a lot of emotion on this record (laughs).

What is it about country music that you’re drawn to?

Well, the first word that comes to my mind is “sincerity.” The country music that I’m attracted to are the artists that are really sincere. Whether they’ve written the songs or not written the songs – from Kenny Rogers to Eric Church. They’re sincere about their delivery. That, in turn, lets me turn around and say that this is the music that I want to do and how I feel. It’s not necessarily what I find is prevalent in other forms of music, but I find in country music you can be sincere right down to the bone. That’s why I like it. And it makes you dance (laughs).

If you could tour with anybody, past or present, who would it be?

I’m still saying I want to go out on tour with Eric Church. I love that brother, I think he’s just got a great vibe and I like his style. I met him a couple years back in Cavendish and thought he was a really cool guy. I think it would be a lot of fun. There’s great Canadian artists that I would… I mean, if someone were to say, “hey man, do you want to go out on the road with Jason Blaine?” I’d be like, c’mon dude, try and make us not want to. There’s a lot of cool Canadian dudes that I’d love to hang out with, and there’s a lot of great American guys, too.

If you had to describe yourself to fans who aren’t quite familiar with you yet, how would you?

Well, here… I’ll read what we took so long to try to accurately describe what we were working on for so long here. I think it sums it up pretty good. It was written between me and my friend Paul when he was trying to write my biography: He has country in his veins, topped with doses of rock, pop, and a side dosing of soul. Infected with a watermelon-sized helping of hope, love and salvation. So, what does that sound like? Who knows. Maybe a Keith Urban meets Eric Church. You know, if you’re trying to get something to really put your finger on.. we rock. By that I mean we have a lot of energy. I don’t come from a hard rock background by any means; I always liked rock and roll, but we really put on a high energy show. I’ve seen Eric Church before and that guy really knows how to rock and roll. As far as the Keith Urban reference… much of the writing on this album was written with the intent to make a girl smile. I’d walk into a writing session with Rebecca Lynn Howard, who had a couple of GRAMMYs even before she turned 30, and she goes “what do you want to write today?”. I go, “I just want to write something that makes a girl smile.” She goes “I’ve written by whole life and I’ve never had anyone say that was their intent.”

You’re doing a lot of Ontario dates, but are you doing any shows outside of the province this year?

We have some Alberta dates lined up from the tip of Alberta at Peace River, to, of course, the Calgary Stampede. I’m looking forward to that because last year we were asked to perform in the afternoons for five days out of the ten for the first half of the week. This year, they said “we’d like you to open up for the headliners for five days.” That’s an excellent upgrade (laughs). Throughout the course of the next two months as the single hits radio, we’ll be adding more dates to our summer. Hopefully that will take us outside of Ontario and Alberta as well because this little Marshall Dane would love to get back out to the East Coast and see my friends out there.


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