Jennifer Nettles introduces her son

Congratulations to Sugarland‘s lead singer Jennifer Nettles! She announced the arrival of her son Magnus Hamilton on her official website this morning. She made the announcement on her personal blog for her fans, and even sharing the first picture of her first baby for everyone to see (which you can check out below!).

She celebrated her first Mother’s Day yesterday with her 5-month old son and her husband, Justin Miller. Magnus Hamilton Miller was born back on December 6th, 2012, and the couple did not release the news or a picture until today.

In her blog, she wrote:

“On December 6, 2012 my life was forever changed. I had a baby! Magnus Hamilton Miller was born healthy, hungry and with way more hair than I was expecting after seeing baby pictures of both me and my husband. Needless to say, especially to those of you who have children, the rhythm of my life is way different than the movement and pace before baby. In short, this baby is the boss of me.”

Read the rest of her blog post HERE on her official site.

Magnus Hamilton Miller & Jennifer Nettles.

Magnus Hamilton Miller & Jennifer Nettles.









Congratulations Jennifer and Justin! We wish you all the best with your new family.

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