Natalie Maines Releases Her First Solo Single…

Ironically titled “Without You” … a song with the same title as a Dixie Chicks song off their album “Fly”. However, Natalie Maines assures that you will be hearing a whole lot less dixie and a whole lot more rocker on her upcoming album. Natalie explains that she wanted to create a definitive separation between Natalie the Dixie Chick and Natalie the solo artist.

Natalie’s album, entitled “Mother”, will hit shelves on May 7th and will include ten (10) tracks, produced by Ben Harper. Of the ten tracks, one (1) will be a Pink Floyd cover, while another is co-written by Natalie’s fellow bandmates, Martie Maguire and Emily Robinson.

To get a sneak peek of Natalie’s first single off her album, click here.

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