LeAnn Rimes opens up about her weight

After questions and controversy have followed LeAnn Rimes for years, she finally opened up about her weight to a British magazine. In her interview with Fabulous, she speaks about her weight, why fans don’t need to be concerned, her self confidence, becoming a step-mother, and her treatments for anxiety and stress.

On if she has purposely tried to gain weight since fans and media became concerned, she said:

“I never tried to lose weight and I never tried to gain it. It depends on how stressed I am. I was eating a ton and couldn’t put on weight!”

But the important question: is she happy with how she looks?

“I’m secure with my body. Trust me, there are moments when I’ve stood in the mirror and gone: “Oh my God, I’m getting cellulite!” but then I stand in a different light and I’m like: “Oh, it’s not so bad now.” I have my moments, like every woman.”

Read the full interview on Fabulous’ website here and let us know what you think about her opening up.

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