Billy Currington indicted for Terroristic Threats

According to a report in The Tennessean, Billy Currington was indicted by a Georgia jury for making “terroristic threats” towards a charter boat captain. The ship was making a tour with two paying customers when they passed by Billy’s home, and Billy became upset and starting shouting. The boat continued on its tour, but circled back later… with an even bigger reaction from the country star. Billy grabbed a camera and chased the ship back to its slip, threatening to beat up the captain once he was back on land.

The police report quoted in the article goes on to say that Billy nearly knocked an elderly man into the water on a nearby dock when he got too close while chasing the charter. The country star was not arrested after the incident, but police were called to the scene.

Billy thanked his fans on Twitter for sticking by him during his legal battle. He said:

“Hey guys, I wanted to thank everyone for the huge amount of support that I have received already. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on this situation as this is an ongoing legal matter. It means a lot to me to have your support during this time.”

He also took to his Twitter page on the date of the incident, on April 17th, to say:

“harrassing artists often at their home by boat should be illegal. thas all i know.”

The Tennessean is also reporting that Billy intended to file his own charges against the boat captain, but was unable to find documents acknowledging this today. What do you think? Did Billy go overboard, or does he have a point about celebrity privacy? Let us know below, on Facebook, or on our Twitter page.

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