“The Voice” Is Back

Let’s talk The Voice!

The hit singing competition is back for season 4, and it’s better than ever.

With Usher and Shakira filling Cee Lo and Christina’s spots, we have some new personalities in the mix. And that mix works amazingly well. The four coaches seem to have a great chemistry and a friendly competitive rivalry. We know we love Blake and Adam, but Usher and Shakira might be the perfect additions. The banter is funny and witty, and there just seems to be a genuine respect among the group. I like it… a lot.

First, let’s look at our country boy’s team. So far, Blake has picked up 3 team members: Cara & Rhian Morgan (The Morgan Twins), Danielle Bradbery, and Christian Porter.

The Morgan girls are the first set of twins to ever appear on The Voice. With their harmonized runs on Alicia Keys’ “Fallin’,” they got all four coaches to turn around.

@morgan_twins: Still in Awe that 4 chairs turned around! We feel so blessed! Thank you for the love! #thevoice

Danielle is a 16-year-old country singer, who impressed us with her version of Taylor Swift’s “Mean.” Danielle is one of my favorites so far, and I see her doing very well on Blake’s team.

@dbradbery: I’d like to say Thank you so much to everyone, y’all have no idea how much this all means to me, I feel so blessed!! Y’all are amazing <3

Christian is a singer-songwriter from Pennsylvania who caught everyone’s attention with his cover of ¬†LMFAO’s “Sexy And I know It.”

@porterchristian: Thank you guys so much! I can’t even handle the support and all the tweets!

Congratulations to Team Blake! We’re excited to watch.

However, there was one country girl that I felt Blake missed out on. You know I’m talking about Tawnya Reynolds. I was surprised that Blake did not turn his chair for her, but he only has so many spots and needs a diverse team so I get that he has to let some country talent go in the process. Anyway, Tawnya will be just fine and is with Team Shakira!

All of the auditioners did a really great job, but two people stood out for me so far… Sarah Simmons and Judith Hill. Both girls chose Adam… I must say that Team Adam has some powerhouses already.

Audition episodes will continue for the next couple of weeks before they head into the Battle Rounds. Tune in Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC!

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