2013 One to Watch: Rose Falcon

Last year, we introduced a new annual feature on Keepin’ it Country – Ones to Watch. Our predictions were pretty spot on last year, with Dustin Lynch and JT Hodges quickly becoming popular with country music fans. This year it’s time for a little love for the ladies – and our first 2013 One to Watch: Rose Falcon.

Rose, a singer-songwriter signed to Show Dog Universal, is the writer behind Country Strong’s hauntingly beautiful “Give Into Me,” and has been named one of CMT’s Next Women of Country.  Rose, a songwriter just like her father, has been praised by the legendary Bon Jovi as a “true artist” and “an old soul in the voice of a beautiful young lady.” She recently released her single “If Love Had A Heart” to country radio, and she’s definitely one to watch out for in 2013.

In a country music world where males dominate airplay and it’s hard for a new female to break out, Rose is one you will be cheering for. With her talented writing and pretty vocals, she has what it takes to hold her own at country radio.

Check out her EPK below then read our exclusive interview with Rose. Get to know her before she takes over country – which she will:

For fans who aren’t quite familiar with you yet, how would you describe your sound?

My sound is fairly organic in terms of production-wise. I’m not a fan of production tricks, my songs are very lyrically driven and from the heart, and I don’t want the production to ever be distracting.

What attracted you to country music?

I think that country music is based on the truth and storytelling. I’m just a natural story teller and I have an obsession with the truth (laughs). I love documentary films and reading people’s biographies. I like to have conversations with people, and ones that really dig into what their truth is. Sometimes I wonder why people even bother with fiction since we all have such interesting stories as human beings.

Where do you find your inspiration from for your writing? Are they really all true stories?

Yes. I’d say 99% of the time, I might embellish here and there, but for the most part my songs are about feelings that I’ve experienced and things that my friends have experienced, or that I’ve just observed.

What is it like to have a song that you wrote with your father on a movie soundtrack?

Actually, it was probably one of the most incredible things I’ve ever experienced – to sit in the theater with him and see the song being performed on a big screen. He raised me; my mother passed away when I was four years old. It’s one thing to be successful at something, but to enjoy a success with someone you love so much and after you’ve shared so many hardships is really an incredible feeling.

You just released your brand new EP, can you share a little bit about it?

There’s a song that is my favorite song so-far that I’ve recorded on it, one of which being the single I have out right now “If Love Had A Heart.” I really love all the songs, there’s only six so I didn’t put anything on there that I didn’t like. There’s one called “Like Crazy,” and it’s just a statement about love saying that “I’m not perfect, but it’s these imperfections that make me who I am.” When it comes to love I’m kind of an all-or-nothing kind of girl. This song is about how I heard about what you said about your last girlfriend, you said she was absolutely crazy, and looking back she wasn’t worth a damn… so it makes me wonder what you’re going to say about me. It’s like that thing where you know guys always say their ex-girlfriend was crazy, and its just a common thing. So it makes me wonder what they’re going to say about me (laughs), I’m really crazy.

Anyway, there’s a song called “Carry Me Home,” and it’s a little different from my other songs. It’s a love song, but it’s not really a love song between a man and a woman, its a statement of faith. It’s about having faith even in life’s darkest days, you know? I’m really psyched about this EP.

Have you had a chance to hear your single on the radio yet?

I was so excited, I posted a video on my Facebook of me hearing it for the first time on The Highway. It was really cool, but kind of weird. A lot of times I’ll get in the car and it might be playing, and it gives me motivation to keep doing what I’m doing when I do hear it.

You had a pop music deal when you were younger with Columbia. Do you feel like there’s a big difference between pop and country music?

At this point, well, it depends what you’re calling pop music. I would say that the format maybe ten years ago was a lot like what country music is like now. I feel like my format as a pop artist changed, and it became a lot of hip-hop and r&b, and that artists like Sheryl Crow or Jewel got pushed out of the format. Now I feel like they’d be more put into the country format instead of the pop category. I miss Alanis Morissette and Fiona Apple.

You’ve been very active on Twitter with your fans. Is that important to you?

Yeah, it’s really important to me because I don’t take for granted that people may like my music. I make music regardless, it’s from my heart and really something close to me. The fact that somebody gets it and gets my message surprises me every time, and I’m so thankful. I want to let fans know that it means a lot to me that they’re taking their time to take a look at my song and download it. Every time they play it, that’s three minutes out of their day (laughs) so I appreciate it more than they know.

Do you have any touring plans yet for the year?

I don’t, actually. I’ve been still focusing on writing for my full-length album and promoting my single that we have out right now and the EP, but I am anticipating some shows this Summer. I just don’t have any details on them yet.

So, you are going to be releasing a full length album?

Well (laughs) that’s my plan! You never really know in this business what is coming next. Maybe the world is kind of revolving around EPs right now, I don’t really know. I’d love to release an album in its entirety.

What’s the best piece of advice someone has ever given you about the industry?

I would say just that if you want to be an artist or a songwriter, or something that involves the art, you can’t have a plan B. I strongly believe that because this is such a hard business to be in, and if you have a back-up plan then most likely you will end up taking it. I just believe that if this is what you really want to do, then go out and do it. I’ve had other jobs to make money when I was younger, I’ve had a lot of shitty jobs, but I could never get into another career that would distract me from my main focus.

Is there a song out on the radio that you wish you wrote?

My friend Eric Paslay wrote a song called “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” with Will Hoge, and it was nominated for a GRAMMY this year, and I’m really psyched for him. I love Eric and Will, and I’m just such a big fan of both of them. I heard that song on the radio again this morning and I really listened to the lyrics. It’s just an incredible song, so yes, I wish I wrote that song.

You signed to Show Dog in 2011, but have you been able to sit back and reflect on everything – or has it all been a blur?

I take time to reflect and meditate and be thankful. A lot of time when I’m driving down Music Row in Nashville, I just look around and I’m like “this is crazy, my dreams are coming true!”. I’m a part of this great community in Nashville, and I’m doing what I love. I just feel blessed.

Is there any chance for a music video for If Love Had A Heart?

Yeah, we actually recorded one in January with Travis TV. We have two videos – one for If Love Had A Heart, and one for Like Crazy. I think they’re going to be awesome.

Since you sound just like me on your official notes, (she doesn’t use a bio), and you can’t sit still… how do you keep busy on your tour bus?

(laughs)  I’m going to write songs, I’m going to work. It’s so loud and there’s so much noise when you’re moving. Sometimes I’ll watch movies, or play on the computer and answer Tweets and stuff. Honestly when you’re on a bus you just sleep, then wake up and you’re at the place where you’re supposed to be.

What was it like touring with Gary Allan?

Ooh. We just had a great time and his band is so much fun. I actually had went through a break-up during the Throwdown tour and it was really hard one me, and they really got me through it. They just love to have fun, and I kind of needed a vacation from my problems so I just kind of hung out and had a good time (laughs).

If you could tour with anyone, who would it be?

I love Miranda Lambert. If I could do a little girl power tour, I would love to tour with Faith. She’s out in Vegas but she’s just an icon, she’s incredible. I’d love to tour with Gary Allan again. He really sings songs that are real and that I can relate to.

Could you share a little bit about your single, If Love Had A Heart?

If Love Had A Heart is a song that’s wishing that love was a little more kind with my heart. I’ve been through quite a few break-ups, and it’s not about one specific break-up, just my experience with love in general and being hurt. I kind of wanted to just make a statement saying that I’ve been there, and I know that most people have had a broken heart. The response has been overwhelming with girls tweeting out the lyrics “if love had a heart then it wouldn’t break mine.” I feel so blessed that people are relating to my lyrics and music.


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A 26 year-old Canadian girl currently living in England for a culinary career. Fell in love with country music and cooking at a young age, and looks for a way to do both.