Grammy Recap: Our Favorite Moments

The 55th Annual Grammy’s took place on Sunday, February 10th and our favorite country artists were well-represented with performances and more. It was impossible to pick a favorite moment, so we picked a few of the best…

Taylor Swift Brings in the Clowns: We’ve never been asked to open the Grammys (or much more than our own mail), but we’d assume it’s a big responsibility that comes with a ton of pressure. With her genre-bending, Alice-in-Wonderland-themed opener, Taylor Swift set the tone for a night of unforgettable performances with her hit about never, ever, ever, EVER getting back together. Although she nabbed a Grammy in the pre-telecast for her collaboration with the Civil Wars, it was her performance that had everyone buzzing. Most notably, there was that moment when she pulled her best Madonna, suddenly acquiring a British accent. Although much has been made about what that meant, we here at Keepin’ It Country have decided it could’ve only been aimed in one direction…

Dierks Bentley & Miranda Lambert Rep for Country Music: In what was the only true country performance of the night, country’s reigning Queen Supreme Miranda Lambert was joined by tour mate Dierks Bentley on a mash-up of their Grammy-nominated songs, “Over” and “Home.” Although, in the words of the great Randy Jackson, Dierks was a bit pitchy at times, he and Miranda proved great ambassadors for country music with their heartfelt collaboration. Dierks should probably watch out though, Miranda totally outsang him on his own song. We wouldn’t complain if she stole “Home” and re-cut it as her own.

Zac Brown & Band Escape Breaking Amish: Although the Zac Brown Band almost lost out on their Grammy for Best Country Album to Zach Braff (more on that later), the facial-hair-band of country music nabbed their third career trophy. Zac looked especially dapper in his fedora, but it was soon beanie business as usual for his performance. Zac joined greats like Mavis Staples, Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes and Elton John in a rousing tribute to the great Levon Helm. Personally, I’d like to thank them for this performance, as I spent my entire life thinking that the lyrics to “The Weight” were “Take a load of granny.” Apparently, it’s Annie.

Carrie Underwood and the Technicolor Dream-Dress: We’ll admit it, our immediate though when Carrie took the stage to perform her “Blown Away”/ “Two Black Cadillacs” mash-up was that she looked like she was was wearing her best Miss America gown. While her vocals shone at the beginning of the performance, she was quickly upstaged…by her dress. It made a fashion statement, literally as it took on a life of its own. Frankly, if it wasn’t for the rewind button on my DVR, I’d have no idea what she sang. That performance was all about the dress, which took on various colors, designs and images quicker than Walt Disney World’s Cinderella Castle at the park’s closing. There were swirls and colors and butterflies, and although we have no idea what that has to do with either of her songs about death, we were impressed.

Everything Kelly Clarkson: From photo-bombing Ellen & Portia (take that Bill Clinton!) to bringing down the house with one of the best vocal performances of the night, Kelly was one of the night’s biggest unintentional stars. Upon winning Best Pop Vocal album, she slalomed through the celeb audience, stopping briefly to pet John Mayer, slap Katy Perry and get stuck to Miranda Lambert – literally. She than gave one of the most scattered and endearing acceptance speeches of the night, shouting out Adele, Miguel, Pink & her “sexy fiance.” Moments later, she returned to the stage, poised and professional. Honoring Patti Page & Carole King, Clarkson effortlessly crooned her way through “The Tennessee Waltz” & “Natural Woman” before slipping back into her dorky and unassuming manner as she accidentally announced that Zach Braff, not Zac Brown, had won the Grammy for Best Country Album.

Honorable Mention –  Little Big Town Nabs a Little Big Grammy: It may not have happened on the live telecast, but it’s about dang time Little Big Town won a Grammy. The quartet nabbed their first Grammy for Best Country Duo/ Group Performance for “Pontoon.” Turns out, even the Grammy voters can’ts resist a little mmmmmmotorboatin.’