Exclusive Interview: Introducing Angel Mary & the Tennessee Werewolves

When I spoke to Angel Mary & the Tennessee Werewolves, they were amidst a radio tour in Paris, Texas. They were also in search of the Eiffel Tower wearing a cowboy hat. Believe it or not, shortly after our interview, they Tweeted a pic that they had found it.

Although this may sound silly, it’s a perfect anecdote about this family band, a determined, but fun-loving group determined to make their dreams come true. Whether those dreams involve finding the Texan Eiffel Tower or making great music, they’re well on their way.

For those not yet familiar with the band, they’re made up of siblings Angel Mary and Christian Wolf and their “Papa Wolf,” Antoine, who also doubles as the band’s manager. As for where they got their unique name from, Angel Mary told us that it was actually inspired by one of her idols, Johnny Cash. She said, “I’m a big Johnny Cash fan, and he has a name, Johnny Cash and the Tennesse Two when he first started out, and he’s influenced me so much so I wanted him to be a part of the name, and he has that song “The Beast in Me” which talks about how he was fighting that other side, talking to God…and I feel like there’s a wolf, definitely, in every man.”

Although the singing siblings grew up on music, it was only about a year and a half ago that they put this project together, which has really snowballed through social networking and meeting fans. They described 2012’s CMA Fest as one of their career highlights so far. According to Christian, it was “amazing,” having grown up attending the event. “It was just really cool to be on the other side.” Angel Mary says a highlight of the event for her was sitting next to Lynn Anderson (“I Never Promised You a Rose Garden”). “I’m still a fan myself, it was exciting to sit next to such a legend”

Another career highlight: Opening for John Michael Montgomery and David Allan Coe, naming them as “both legends in their own right.” Angel Mary tells us that she “never thought I’d be on the same stage as them.”

The band’s rollicking first single, “Cowboy” is themed around old western movies and the universal appeal of cowboys. To put it simply, “Boys want to be cowboys and girls want to be with cowboys.”

The band is joined on the track by family friend, Doug Phelps of the Kentucky HeadHunters, who worked with them on much of their EP, including the duet “Waiting on You.” “We write most of our music, but sometimes we include other writers to get other perspectives, so I asked Doug if he had any songs and he pitched us “Waiting on You…” Antoine tells us. “So he came in the studio when we were recording it…And Angel saw it as a duet. Doug jumped in the booth and cut it on the first take, so “Waiting on You” became a duet”

As their career continues to take off, I asked them who they’d love to tour with and they immediately jumped on Jason Aldean, which seems like a good rowdy country pairing. As for dream duets, the boys in the band pick Dolly Parton, while Angel Mary says she’d pick Johnny Cash if he were alive. Her other choice? Big & Rich. “They’re cool, they have their own thing going on, they’re a little crazy, and we’re a little crazy too so we’d probably do a great song”

As the band kicks off 2013, they’ve got big plans, including the release of the video for “Cowboy” to CMT & GAC. They’ll also appear in a documentary called Music City USA, with artists like Vince Gill, Lorrie Morgan, Hank Williams III. They also plan to record a version of “Folsom City Blues,” which is a staple in their live show. If that’s not cool enough, John Carter Cash is going to play acoustic guitar on it, and they’ll record at the cabin where Johnny Cash recorded a lot of his songs.

When I asked them what they’d like readers to take away from this interview, the answer was simple and sincere. “We’re real people making real music, we’re excited about meeting fans and being touchable people. We’re all just the same, being here in this world just trying to live our dreams and doing what we love to do. And we just appreciate the opportunity to share our music.”

For more information on Angel Mary & the Tennessee Werewolves, visit their official site, follow them on Twitter, Facebook & Youtube.

Check out their first single “Cowboy” here: