Interview: Trey Graham, Everybody!

A few of us have followed Trey Graham since about 2005 — back when he hit the road as background vocalist on Kelly Clarkson’s tour. Trey won the hearts of Kelly’s fans with his stellar vocals and endearing personality. After taking a slight detour for a bit, Trey is back on the road toward a music career, and we couldn’t be more excited to see where this journey takes him! We caught up with Trey and learned about his past, his present (he is currently auditioning for NBC’s The Voice!), and predict great things for his future. Without further ado, Trey Graham everybody!
For those readers who may be ‘meeting’ you for the first time in this blog, can you give us a little bit of a back story as to how you began performing/writing?


Music was always a part of my family growing up . We listened to music and sang throughout every day. I started performing and writing when I was a junior in high school with a couple of my buddies, all of whom are still involved in the music business to this day. After graduating high school, music was a hobby that I thoroughly enjoyed but never thought seriously about pursuing it as a career. It was during my senior year of college that changed that. A very good friend of mine that has had great success in the industry called with his vote of confidence, and he suggested that I move out to LA and give it a go. When I got out to LA, he introduced me to Kelly Clarkson. She is such a truly kind and sincere person. By the end of our first day hanging out, she offered me a spot singing backup for her on her next tour. It was a pretty amazing experience. I went on two tours with Kelly and that’s when I caught the bug. I knew that I wanted to pursue music as a full time career. So, ever since then, I was writing, singing, traveling; trying to make something happen. It’s been a wonderful ride.


How would you describe your musical style?


This is such a hard one to answer. I have so many different genres that I like to perform that it’s hard to put a label on what my musical style is. If I had to describe it, I would say that I am a pop rock singer with country and R&B influences.


We know that you have experience on a big tour. What is one thing you took away from that tour that has helped you grow as an artist?


Sincerity. Vulnerability. Work ethic. Humility. Graciousness. Joy… wait, did you say one thing? I learned so much on those tours that I can credit a large portion of who I am as an artist to the people that I worked with during that time.


You have performed in huge arenas and in small, intimate venues. Which do you prefer and why?


Each one has its own benefits. I would say that I’m partial to huge arenas merely for the fear factor. I feel much more comfortable playing in front of large groups. I think it’s that vulnerability that makes intimate shows so great, but it also makes them much more frightening.


You took a few years off from pursuing your music career. What made you get back on the musical path?


It was another phone call from a good buddy. He had been thinking about me and my story and felt that The Voice might be a great opportunity to give it another shot. It took a little convincing, because I know how taxing this business can be. But now I’m in it with the full support of my family and friends and I’m looking forward to the next chapter of this story.
We have heard that you are in the process of auditioning for NBC’s “The Voice” (go become a “fan” on his Facebook page, people!). How do you prepare for that type of audition?


For me, I hadn’t really sung in almost 2 years. So a lot of the preparation has to be vocal conditioning. I am just trying to get my wind back, my strength back. I get together with my old band about twice a week and just sing for hours. Hopefully I’ll be ready to go in a couple of weeks.


Can you give us any hints about your audition(s)? Anything at all? Maybe even whose chair you most want to see turn around?
I’m looking forward  to the audition process. There is a long road before I would even get in front of the judges. I don’t necessarily want to play favorites with the judges, but of course Blake Shelton would be my number one choice. We have quite a number of connections that I would love to discuss with him but, more importantly, he’s a proven winner!


What other projects are you currently working on? 


Currently my focus is on The Voice. I do think that working on a few side projects will be coming up shortly. I’d love to do a Texas country record with my brothers. I’m also interested in doing a pop rock record with some of the players from my original band. In all honesty, the future is wide open.
If you could work with anyone in music, who would be your dream collaboration?
I’d love to work with a number of artists for a number of different reasons. Writing, style, voice, etc. My dream collaborations would range from Vince Gill to Darius Rucker to John Legend. It’s too difficult to pick just one!


Quick-fire round:


1. Ravens or 49’ers? – 49ers are the better team, but I’m rooting for the Ravens (AFC)
2. All-time favorite country song? The Dance – Garth Brooks
3. If you could open for anybody, who would it be? - Kelly Clarkson, she crosses so many genres and she has amazing fans.
4. Guilty pleasure? Swiss Cake Rolls (perfection)
5. One item you can’t leave home without (other than your American Express, of course)? My keys.
6. Shameless plug of Trey Graham … ready, go! – I’m going to steal a quote that Paco Estrada said, “Trey Graham’s voice is natural, organic, honest, and true. The most important ingredient is his never wavering integrity, and that’s what I hear most when he sings. Knowing his soul is a great privilege.”
Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us, Trey! We wish you the best of luck during your auditions for The Voice and can’t wait to see where that road takes you!


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