Nashville Review: The Rise and the Fall

Episode 4 started off with quite a bang…literally. We find Rayna and Deacon in bed together, only to find out Rayna was in a deep sleep, dreaming about her “duet partner.” Cinderella did say a dream is a wish your heart makes…looks like Rayna’s heart is speaking volumes to her head! In her recent state of perpetual guilt, Rayna agrees to sing at her husband, Teddy’s, political event to help bolster his chance to become an elected official like her father. The event is taking place at the country club, a place Rayna loathes, and who is playing alongside of her? Deacon, of course! As the day draws closer, we realize there is someone new in town and she seems slightly suspicious. And clearly there is a secret between her and Teddy, made evident by a conversation they had in private after the event. They call her Peggy, and this gorgeous gal looks familiar. ***Insert more Nashville cameo trivia!*** Can anyone name this country-music superstar’s wife who has joined the cast, for at least one episode, to raise our eyebrows about Teddy’s loyalty to Rayna? We will reveal the answer in next week’s Nashville Review! Oh, and who can forget the big coup d’etat between Teddy and Deacon, who are clearly fighting over Rayna’s affection without actually saying so? This marriage is becoming more and more rocky with each passing week, and with Peggy in the picture now, who knows what direction Rayna and Teddy will go? Rayna obviously sees the impact Deacon is having on her home life though because she has decided that letting Deacon go is the solution to her marital woes.

Alright, I know you all are just dying to know what happened with Juliette after she was caught stealing nail polish by some teenage fans with video cameras on their phones. (To answer last week’s trivia, the teenage vocalist is named Kennedy Noel. Check her out at @kennedy_noel on Twitter!) Well, the video that Kennedy’s character shot has gone viral and Juliette doesn’t seem fazed by this. Until she receives word that she has been removed from the list of CMA presenters (spiffy timing there, ABC and Nashville … way to promote the awards show that is airing 22 hours after Nashville!) and can only save face by agreeing to an interview on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts (another excellent ABC show plug). During the interview, Juliette defies orders by her management team to admit to her wrongdoing and fess up to gain sympathy for her mistake and, instead, lies and says that she accidentally took the nail polish. Next, in a shocking interview turn, Robin Roberts asks Juliette about her mother and her addiction. Juliette has all she can take and immediately leaves the set. As expected, the interview results in a downward spiral of sponsors pulling out from the tour and the tour, ultimately, being canceled. After her manager notifies her that he is quitting, Juliette explains herself and we learn a little bit more about the confident, sassy Ms. Barnes. It turns out Juliette has begun to self distruct and is losing grip on her life. Stealing made her feeling protected and like she was taking care of herself, just like she was forced to do as a child. It made her feel comfortable and safe…just like Deacon evidently does, because Juliette used a lifeline after everything hit the fan and decided to phone that friend with benefits. And, it seems that we are reaching a point where Rayna doesn’t only need Juliette, but Juliette will need Rayna as well. Perhaps these two ladies will team up and go on tour after all…

In other news, Scarlett and Gunnar deserve your congratulations, as they landed a deal and are now officially employed as songwriters! This is great for Gunnar’s love life, as he has already begun making music with an assistant, Haley; yet it seems to be causing a riff in Scarlett’s love life as Avery becomes increasingly envious of his girlfriend’s professional fate.

Oddly, even though plenty went on during those 42 minutes of blissful television, it seemed like a quiet week in Nashville. Perhaps after the last few weeks, where relationships were firing up and fizzling out, careers were rising and falling, crazy drunk parents were returning, and nail polish was being stolen, anything would have seemed quiet in comparison. If there is one thing I know, it’s that nothing stays quiet long in a city known for its musical prowess. Tune in next week to see what (and who) our favorite Nashville citizens have gotten themselves into again!

Check out these tunes from episode 104 of ABC’s Nashville:

“Murder of Crows” – Lindi Ortega

“This Can’t Be the Last Time” – Sugar & the Hi-Lows

“Ammunition” – Trent Dabbs

“By Your Hand” – Los Campesinos!

“Hit the Road” – Sherrie St. Germain

“Alright You Restless” – AgesandAges

“Changing Ground” – Performed by Rayna James

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