Miranda Lambert Opening Store in Oklahoma

Miranda Lambert.

Miranda Lambert fans might remember the singer tweeting pictures of husband Blake Shelton helping put together a store earlier this year. A day after the couple took over the CMA Awards, Miranda told The Boot all the details on her brand new store – including when it will open and what fans can expect to purchase.

Miranda, who will be opening the store near her farm she lives on in Tishomingo, Oklahoma says:

“We’re having the Grand Opening the day after Thanksgiving, on Black Friday, only we’re calling it Pink Friday,” Miranda tells The Boot. “We’re going to make it a tradition to turn the block pink every year at that time.”

There isn’t one thing in particular the store will carry, she explains:

“It’s antiques, gifts, boots, jeans and pretty much everything you can imagine. My favorite thing in the store is a glittery pink bicycle hanging from the ceiling. I’m really 12 at heart,” she adds with a laugh

The Pink Pistol will be located at 214 West Main Street in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. It’s for “the Wild At Heart,” or so its slogan says. Check out the official, but still under construction website: thepinkpistol.com.

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