Ever Wonder What Kind of Swag The CMA Award Stars Get?

What could be better than being an artist and getting to attend the CMA Awards? Receiving free gifts from the gift lounge, of course! We here at Keepin’ It Country had a chance to take a stroll through this year’s CMA Awards gift lounge to see what kind of items the artists and presenters would be taking home and we’re going to share what we saw with you!

This year’s gift lounge, put together by Distinctive Assets, ranged from all kinds of handmade gifts to cosmetic and skincare products, clothing, candles, and cookies and ice cream treats! We stopped at each of the booths on hand and want to inform you about all of these great products so you can enjoy them too!

Eufora International Beautifying Hair Elixirs – Eufora’s Beautifying Hair Elixirs are the latest collection of prestige products added to more than 45 of the current Eufora professional salon products. They provide the best solution for damaged, brittle, dull, dry, and frizzy hair. Your hair color will be protected from fading and will last longer than ever with the use of these products! Check out their full line at beautifyingelixirs.com



Nutrisystem – Nutrisystem is a weight loss and diet program that believes that your health and happiness matter the most! They provide food they know you love and guidelines you can live and learn by, along with the balanced nutrition that your body needs to stay healthy. Each artist who visited the gift lounge received three months of the Nutrisystem Select Success VIP Meal Delivery Program. You can learn more about their weight loss and diet programs at nutrisystem.com.

KeepAmerica.com – KeepAmerica.com is an outlet of all American made products. Think along the lines of Amazon.com, but where it differs is that everything is made right here in America! You can find all kinds of American made items on this website, from jewelry to clothing, toys, furniture, health & beauty products, and pet products! No item is too big or too small for KeepAmerica.com! Why not buy exactly what you need and support your country while you’re at it? Head on over to KeepAmerican.com and check it out for yourself!

Belldini – Belldini is a women’s clothing company that started over 30 years ago. They focus strictly on women’s knit tops. Their tops are known for being shiny, easy to put on and easy to take off! Their line has been worn by artists such as Lauren Alaina (and now all the stars that were in the gift lounge, too!) We just recently gave away a Drop Needle Tank by Belldini, which was the style worn by Lauren Alaina. Check out their clothing line for yourself at www.belldini.com! Belldini tops can also be found at your local Dillards and Nordstrom stores.





Devicewear – Devicewear makes protective yet stylish cases for your iPad , iPhone, Kindle Fire, Kindle HD, Nexus, Nook, and Samsung devices. They make clear cases with fashionable inserts (you can even make an insert of your own), nice thin/slim cases, and drop protection cases with changeable colors. Why let your device go unprotected when you can decorate it in style! Check out www.devicewear.com to get your technology protected now!

The Artisan Group – The Artisan Group is made up of handmade artists from all over the country. They make items ranging from jewelry to bath & body, stationery, graphic design, and well – just about a little bit of everything! The group is 90% female and each artist has their own shop and mostly works from home. This booth was definitely a favorite of mine, as I’m a graphic designer! You can check out their website at theartisangroup.org and if you’re an artist yourself – you can even apply to be a part of their family! Don’t forget to check out their Pinterest page where a lot of their products are featured. They have all kinds of featured items that would make lovely Christmas presents, so head on over and check them out!

Atwood Hat Company – The Atwood Hat Company is based out of East Texas and makes both felt and straw cowboy hats. The felt hats are all made in East Texas on the Atwood Family Ranch by Brooks Atwood. Since they started in 1996, they have grown to become a leader in the western hat industry. The business started when Dick Atwood (Brooks’s father) found himself constantly searching for a hat that would work as hard as he did and still look well enough to wear in town once he was done working. So what did he do? He decided to make his own, of course! The company is currently working on expanding, as they have outgrown their current facilities. You can check out their hats at atwoodhats.com and browse their collection online – they would be a perfect gift for the cowboy in your life!



Great American Cookies – I can easily say that after tasting one of these cookies in the gift lounge, they are the best tasting cookies in the world! You probably have seen their store in your local mall and passed by thinking “I really want that cookie cake,” which is one of their signature products. This is me telling you that next time you pass their stand – you need to get that cookie cake! They have the most tender, moist cookies that will melt right in your mouth. Head on over to their site greatamericancookies.com to find the location nearest you or to order online!


Maggie Moo’s – Maggie Moo’s is known for inventing the ice cream cupcake and the ice cream pizza, as well as many specialty flavors! What’s special about Maggie Moo’s? They can mix whatever toppings you want into your ice cream for you, and will do it right in front of you while you wait! Kelly Clarkson even mixed some ice cream for herself while she was in the gift lounge! Check out their website at maggiemoos.com to find their location nearest you!






Unwined –  Unwined is a company that makes environmentally friendly, natural soy wax candles with reused wine bottles. They collect the wine bottles from local restaurants then cut them, sand them, & fill them with the natural soy wax. They are available in about 16 different scents and the company is based out of Baltimore, MD. The fact that they are made out of old wine bottles alone is pretty cool to me! Check them out for yourself at www.unwinedcandlecompany.com. Each candle is $20 each. One of these would be a perfect gift for the candle-lover on your Christmas list!

Brit West – Brit West runs a lovely company that creates all kinds of items out of reclaimed vintage leather. Clothing, hats, hat bands, cuffs, belts, belt buckles – anything you can think of! Her items are based in historical western leather but not reserved to it. Brit has been doing this for about 7 years now and makes everything herself! She started by collecting old saddles and bridles after years of outfitting and decided to mix them in with her creativeness and….tada! She has traveled all over to obtain items for her company and she wants to share them with you! Head on over to britwest.net to check out her hand-made items, they are all really awesome and unique! Brit West also tweeted during the CMA Awards that the Eli Young Band was wearing her cuffs on stage for their performance – how cool!

Aluminyze – Aluminize is a company that prints photos on pieces of aluminum – how cool, right? They are durable, waterproof, shiny and will last forever! As a photographer, I find these really neat! They are their own frame! They’re also very lightweight and colors look fabulous printed on them. I will definitely be getting some of my prints done on these for myself! This would be a great Christmas present for that perfect photo of you and your best friend, grandma, or your parents! aluminyze.com.

Hick Stuff – Hick Stuff is a fashion brand that well, basically tells it how it is! There is Hick Stuff for girls and guys, and it’s a fun way to let people know where you’re from! What music genre would be best at sporting this line? Country music of course! Scotty McCreery was spotted picking out his favorite Hick Stuff items while he was in the gift lounge this past week! Head on over to hickstuff.com to check out their line!




Sephora – If you don’t already know, Sephora is known for their makeup and skincare products. The company was founded in France and has a wide range of product categories from skincare to color, fragrance, body, smilecare and haircare. Sephora has over 300 stores in North America, but no worries if there isn’t a store near you, because you can also order online! Check out Sephora.com to pick out all your favorite makeup and skincare products, or even request 3 free samples – you’ll fall in love!



iHome – You’ve all seen them or maybe even own one, but iHome is known for their docking systems for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod! Don’t have a stylish docking system for your technology items yet? They come in handy as an alarm clock dock station and as speaker stations for when you throw those awesome parties and need some loud music. They’ll even charge your items while you jam out! Check them out at ihomeaudio.com.



Maui Jim – Maui Jim sunglasses have the best polarization lens technology on the market! People wear Maui Jim because the lens technology not only sharpens the definition, but there are rare earth elements in the lenses that enhance color. They remove all glare and UV Rays, and once you remove the glare, you see things underneath. They are popular with fishermen, who wear them to see the fish underwater. They used to be best known for their sport glasses, but now they offer fashionable frames also! No need to sacrifice fashion for bad lenses! They offer protection on both sides of the lenses, as light comes from all different directions. Eric Church is a big fan of Maui Jim’s and wore a pair on stage to perform at the CMA’s last year. Also, The Band Perry and the Zac Brown Band (and their crew) and the Rascal Flatts band all wear exclusively Maui Jim and they’re big fans! To get yourself a pair of Maui Jim’s and see the world in a new light of color, go to mauijim.com. I have a pair myself and they really do bring out color – I highly recommend them! You can never have to many pairs of sunglasses, right? (Photo courtesy of Maui Jim, as I was apparently too excited trying on glasses to grab a shot myself – oops! This photo shows Kelly Clarkson trying on a pair of Maui Jim’s, and also shows a nice selection of their sunglasses in the background!)

Gibson – We all know that Gibson is one of the leading guitar companies today and guess where their headquarters is located? Right here in Nashville, TN! Gibson started out as an electric guitar company but now has a full range of products from electric to acoustic, pianos, and all kinds of gear! You check check out their full line of products at www2.gibson.com.






Bella Semplice
: Bella Semplice is a skincare line that offers an amazing variety of five anti-aging facial masks. After just five minutes of using their miracle products, your skin will experience a moisture saturation level of 92%…wow! Amazing, huh? You can check out their full skincare line at bellasemplice.com. These skincare products are great gifts not only for yourself, but also for the loved ones in your life! Your skin and their skin will thank you later!






“The success our clients enjoyed last year was enhanced by the kindness of the incredible artists we gifted.  In my 14 years of creating these gift lounges, I don’t think I have ever encountered such gracious and humble giftees” said Lash Fary, Distinctive Assets founder. All the artists and presenters of this years CMA Awards fully enjoyed these lists of products and now you can to! Go check them all out and even add some to your Christmas wish list – we hope you enjoy them as much as the stars do!

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