A Look Back at AMAs Fashion

This Sunday marks the 40th Anniversary of the American Music Awards, and when we think of decades past, we think of one thing — crazy fashion choices! So, in anticipation of this year’s big show, we decided to do a little fashion policing of our own (sorry Joan), because though the awards are really about the music, the thing that seems to get the most lasting buzz is the red carpet do’s and don’t’s! ¬†Below are our staff’s picks for country music’s fashionistas and fashion faux pas in AMA history!


Our Top Five Fashionistas of the Years Past:

You can’t have a Top Five without featuring Carrie Underwood. No matter the occasion, no matter the year, Carrie always seems to find the absolute most stunning ensemble possible. This golden girl shined on the red carpet, and we have no doubt she will do the same at this year’s awards.

Remember back when Miley Cyrus was better known as Hannah Montana? We do. We also remember a time Miley had a brief stint as a country artist, recording “Ready, Set, Don’t Go” with her dad, Billy Ray. Sadly, Miley left our genre, but we haven’t forgotten her. This adorable, age-appropriate red dress had a little bit of sass and a little bit of class. Coupled with the gold accessories, Miley looked like a wholesome teenager whose alter ego was raking in the big bucks worldwide.

The man, the myth, the legend. How we miss us some Garth. There is nothing like a good ole country boy in head-to-toe black on black on black on black. Nothing screams a night of partying like a stellar black get-up. Ten bucks that the night of those awards, Garth didn’t go down till the sun came up.

At first we were kind of torn about this look…as torn as Kellie’s dress. But we have to admit, Ms. Pickler looks fantastic on the red carpet. She looks young, fun, flirty, and fabulous. Country music is typically so conservative that it is a fun change of pace to see a country artist kick it up a notch, go out on a limb, and dare to be different. Way to go, Kellie!

You know us here at Keepin’ It Country. We consider Kelly Clarkson one of ours, and in 2004, when Kelly hit the red carpet, she looked so stunning that all music fans were blown away. In this gorgeous red dress, Kelly turned heads and dropped mouths. We could not overlook this particular fashion choice of Kelly’s … the good ones are so few and far between.

Okay, now let’s have some fun! Our Top Five Fashion Faux Pas of Years Past:

Typically we would say a man in black can’t go wrong, but Tim has disproven that theory. The hat, the beard, the leather pants … Sorry, Tim, but while Garth was looking all Rico Suave in his black on black, we have to tell you that we neither liked it nor loved it on you.

Like husband like wife. Faith … what, pray tell, were you thinking? The hair, the lipstick, the pants … You look like Courtney Love wearing the decorations of a sushi restaurant. The only things that lend a little bit of credibility to this picture are the two awards in your hands!

Shania is evidently a Christina Aguilera, circa 1999, fan. Or an Aladdin fan. Either way, she is striving for the genie in a bottle look and, while she pulled that off swimmingly, this outfit is a red carpet drowner. Sad thing is, if you do a Google search for Shania on the red carpet, this is just one of many fashion crimes Ms. Twain has committed.

Maybe this was a good look back then? Maybe? I mean, this does date back to when Reba’s music videos competed with Michael Jackson’s for length. We will cut her a little bit of slack on the 1980s hair, but we cannot be as forgiving on the dress. It almost screams Little Mermaid, before The Little Mermaid was even released. Perhaps this was photo was the inspiration Disney needed? A little bit of Ariel, a little bit of under the sea, a little bit of Ursula, and a whole lot of speechlessness.

And, the worst dressed country artist at the American Music Awards, as chosen by our staff, is *drumroll* …

HILLARY SCOTT in her Magic Eye ensemble! Hillary, consider yourself arrested by this fashion police squad. We can’t even look at you for more than a split second, as we fear we will be hypnotized. This saddens us, because we are almost positive your dress is the next place someone can find a Jesus face. We just don’t want to stare long enough to prove that theory!

Who will sink and who will swim on this year’s red carpet? Who will take home the highly coveted AMA trophies and who will go home empty-handed? Whose performances will dazzle and whose performances will daze? Don’t forget to tune in this Sunday, November 18th, at 8:00 p.m. EST on ABC to find out!

To watch the red carpet arrivals LIVE online, click on the video below on Sunday!

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