VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson Blows Us Away with a Carrie Underwood Cover

All Summer long, Kelly Clarkson has masterfully covered all types of songs, including some of our favorite country classics. She’s covered Vince Gill and Tammy Wynette, tackled Trisha and wowed us with “Wide Open Spaces,” but this time, she blows us away. Literally.

It takes guts to tackle a Carrie Underwood song, and just like with her incredible take on Carrie’s “I Know You Won’t,” Kelly changed the song to make it uniquely her own.

Prior to her performance in Perth, Australia, Kelly actually took to her Twitter to alert Carrie of her impending cover, while singing the song’s praises. She tweeted, “@carrieunderwood girl I’m covering Blown Away tonight for my fan request song and it is my favorite! I love how dark it is! Very cool song!”

Of course comparisons will be drawn between the original and the cover, and due to the fact that both girls came from a certain television show, but frankly, it shouldn’t matter. We love Carrie’s version and we also love the Kellified version.

We wish this video was a closer one, but take a listen as Kelly covers Carrie.


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