REVIEW: Nashville – Sometimes Good Intentions Don’t Come Across So Well

This seemed to be the theme of the second episode of the show that has created quite a buzz, ABC’s Nashville. The second episode began with Hayden Panettiere‘s character, Juliette Barnes, taking over the streets of Nashville, literally, as she filmed a music video that has Laura Bell Bundy “Giddy On Up” style choreography, mixed with the naughtiness of Christina Aguilera back in her “Dirrty” days. And, of course, stuck in the traffic caused by Juliette is Rayna Jaymes, former country starlet who is trying to breathe new life back into a career that her record label believes is dwindling. Naturally, seeing the young vixen create such a stir is a point of contention for Rayna, as she still tries to work through the abominable idea her record label suggested — that she open for a songstress that, age-wise, she could have given birth to herself.

We all know that Rayna is highly opposed to opening for Juliette, and if we know it, so does her record label. So, instead, they have proposed that Rayna hit the road with Deacon, her former love of eleven years, in an attempt to sell-out small venues. Now, this sounds like a great idea, except the last time these two hot and talented stars were on tour, they were dating, a la Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Remember, Rayna is married (perhaps somewhat unhappily, as her husband is dabbling in her father’s profession, politics, which she loathes) and, ironically, Deacon has been seen galavanting around Nashville with Juliette Barnes herself. Rumor has it they are just writing music together, but other Nashvillians have spotted the two canoodling in the process. When Rayna agrees to tour with Deacon and attempt to get a bite of her previous success, Deacon turns into somewhat of a tug-of-war rope between Rayna and Juliette. Rayna is married; she shouldn’t care what Deacon does in his free time. However, when the two hit the stage of The Bluebird and sing the same song they sang in the same place twenty years ago, it is obvious there is still an undeniable chemistry between Rayna and Deacon. And Juliette, a member of the audience, clearly notices it as well. She is seen with tears streaming down her face and quickly exits the venue.

So, what good intentions didn’t come across so well? Juliette gifting a $50,000 guitar to Deacon…Is it a thank you for helping her write music? Is it a gift to reel him in on a personal level? Rayna appeared at her husband’s political event. Of course, it turns into a bitter battle between she and her father. And who can forget the “socialites” who, likely having good intentions, tried to schmooze with Rayna and compliment her career, only to make her realize how much she has gone adrift? I mean, her album ISN’T available at Starbucks?! *gasp* Also, in a whole other story line, Scarlett, girlfriend of small local band member, Avery, keeps “hush” about an offer she received to pen music for a big act with Gunnar. Scarlett kept it a secret from Avery, who has been trying to break into music for years, not wanting to hurt him, but we all know that keeping secrets causes more hurt once the lid is off the jar.

The mystery of the evening, as there is always something that cliff-hangs us and makes us want to tune into the show next week…Well, other than Rayna stating to Deacon that performing their old song was a bad idea (because obviously she felt something for him in the moment), Rayna’s husband, Teddy, was seen throwing papers into a fire at their Nashville home. Our prediction is that Teddy was going to serve Rayna with divorce papers because their lives are moving in such separate directions, but after Rayna made a cameo at the political gathering, Teddy reconsidered and disposed of those papers before anybody could figure out his intentions.

Make sure to tune in next week to see what goes on behind the scenes in the city that oozes music. We are sure it’s bound to be an hour of great songs, dramatic twists and turns, and confusion in the romance department.

Did you enjoy the music you heard in this episode of Nashville? If so, check out the list of songs below:

“Little Lie” (Performed by Lindi Ortega)

“I’ll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)” (Performed by Gunnar)

“Matchbox Blues” (Performed by Deacon)

“No One Will Ever Love You” (Performed by Rayna and Deacon)

“Telescope” (Performed by Juliette)

“A Twist of Barbwire” (Performed by Avery)

“Undermine” (Performed by Deacon and Juliette)

“See It For Yourself” (Sugar & the Hi Lo’s)

“Baby We Were Young” (Dirty Guvnahs)

“Only the Lonely Talkin'” (Danielle Peck)

“Bad Thing” (King Tuff)

“If I Wanted Someone” (Dawes)

“Hail Hail” (Shovels & Rope)

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