Hunter Hayes Reflects on Halloween

Do you have your Halloween costume picked out yet? Atlantic Records’ Hunter Hayes took a few minutes to share his favorite Halloween moment from a few years ago, and why he loves the holiday. Turns out you can trick and treat and still scare kids on the same night!

Hunter said:

“I did dress up quite a bit when I was a kid for Halloween. I wasn’t really a candy kid, I’m just weird like that, but one year I dressed up as a skeleton,  black suit… and all you could see was just the bones, right? I went around and trick or treated, but when I got home I laid down like I was dead, like I was some kind of mannequin or something and then as the kids would come closer I’d jump up and scare the daylights out of them. It was the best!”

In case you didn’t think Hunter was the kind of guy to like scaring people, well, looks like you’re wrong. He continues:

“I like surprising people but I never knew it until that moment, I just got to scare them and it was fun. I try for more pleasant surprises these days.”

Catch Hunter as he tours with Carrie Underwood on her “Blown Away Tour” the rest of 2012. His self-titled debut record is at stores right now!

What are you planning on doing for Halloween? What’s your favorite Halloween moment? Let us know!


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