What To Pack For The Blake Shelton Cruise

While our very own Jessica Crans is trying to figure out what to pack today before we leave for Miami tomorrow for the Blake Shelton Cruise Sunday, as an experienced cruiser I thought it was appropriate to put together a little piece on what fans should bring and pack for the cruise. While you’re pacing around your room trying to figure out what to bring and not to bring, and trying to double check your checklist, make sure you read this to make sure you really are just bringing what you need – then you can bring home more than what you came with.

Take a second to take a breath and watch Blake Shelton’s latest music video and relax for a minute before reading the rest.



You’re okay now? Good. Lets start off talking about clothing. We’ll be on the Cruise for seven days, (eight days if you’re coming down a day early to Miami like we are), so make sure you have six casual outfits. If you’re like most people and plan on wearing the same pair of pants, or shorts, for a few days then just pack multiple shirts – but remember shorts are NOT allowed in the dining room. What exactly is a cruise casual? Jeans, polo shirts, khakis, t-shirts, tops, and cute dresses for the ladies. Of course, yes, wear your cowboy boots and show your country pride! Comfortable shoes are a must for the cruise, especially when you’re at port. You do a lot of walking and don’t realize it until you’re finally laying down in your bed at night.

It gets quite windy and cool at night on the ship, so please remember to pack a light jacket or something a little warmer to wear at night if you’re going to be walking on the outdoor decks. That’s one thing a lot of people don’t realize – yes, it will be warm during the day, but at night it gets pretty chilly. Not Canada cold, but it’s pretty windy in the middle of the ocean. So make sure you have something to wear at night. During the day make sure to have something light to wear – shorts, a dress, and most importantly, your bathing suit.

The great thing about cruising with Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) is that formal nights are not mandatory for all passengers. There are suggested formal nights where you can dress up for dinner and the evening if you so wish, but you are allowed to dress casual. Since we are cruising with NCL, feel free to  bring one, two, or zero formal outfits for the cruise. It’s your choice!

One thing many people forget to do is to pack all your shampoos, perfume, and any kind of makeup or liquids into separate ziploc bags in your suitcase. Chances are pretty good that between the flight and your suitcase being dropped off at the port that something may open up. At least if everything is in bags then all your clothing is safe!

Each stateroom normally only has one or two electric sockets/plugs, so don’t bring a million things that need to be charged! I have an all-in-one charger that has a usb port on the back – so I can plug in anything that has a USB cord (which is most things now) and alternate what’s plugged in.

Obviously, don’t forget the important documents you need not only for getting on-board the ship, but in case something happens at a port and you get left behind. Keep your passport on you when you’re not on-board, and have it ready at check-in at the Miami port. You’ll also need your e-docs if you checked in online (which you can still do right now!), and a credit card to use for your on-board account. Make sure you have American currency on you as the ports do use American dollars. An important point about that: make sure you have a lot of small currency, not $50’s and $100’s, to prevent pick pocketing and to better your bartering chances. The smaller amounts you have, the better prices you can haggle. You won’t need cash on-board, as everything is connected to your room key card and your on-board account.

If you’re coming from somewhere up north, like me for example from Canada, don’t buy your tanning lotion or sun block up here! Wait until Florida or on the ship to get it as they have a stronger sun protection in theirs. Bottles you may buy up here may still end up getting you burned.

Pack a large tote bag in your luggage before you get on-board. When you hit the ports you will want to bring your essentials – a towel, cover-up, and anything else you think you might need. It’s a lot easier to keep an eye on out on the beach, and easier to remember everything!

If you’re the kind of person to lounge by the pool or get some rays out on the deck, then you probably already packed your bathing suit, hat, and sunglasses. In case you didn’t think about that – make sure you have it! If you feel like taking advantage of the state-of-the-art gym on-board, or the jogging track, then bring some workout clothes too!

Lets cover what not to bring. Alcohol. You can try and sneak it on-board the ship but you’ll get caught. You are not allowed to bring outside alcohol on the ship at all. If you purchase some on the port, it will be held in safe keeping until the final night of the cruise when it will be delivered to your stateroom. You can find something to drink practically everywhere on the Pearl, so why get in trouble with sneaking some on? The same goes for weapons, candles, coffee makers, incense, or irons.

If you’re nervous about getting sea sick, you can buy patches and pills for sea sickness on the ship, but what works best is making sure you can see the skyline. If you’re not feeling too well get outside to the upper deck, or get to a window where you can see the horizon.

Have any questions? Tweet us @keepinitblog and we’ll help you out! Have fun!

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