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When we first spoke to Xenia late last year, she was just about to release her first-ever EP titled “Sing You Home.” Since then, the young singer-songwriter has come a long way. With the third season of The Voice kicking off next week, we caught up with the 17-year old who stole everyone’s hearts from the first season as part of Team Blake. She’s been a busy girl and she’s about to become a whole lot more busy. She’s featured on Blake Shelton‘s upcoming Christmas album “Cheers… It’s Christmas!” and she shares with us about how excited she is to finally hit a studio with Blake, and what other tracks from her former coach’s first Holiday album she can’t wait to hear. Blake’s album is out next month… just in time for Halloween!

We caught up with Xenia earlier today to talk about life since splitting ways with her record label, the details on her brand new single, and much more. Take a look below at our exclusive interview with Xenia and get ready to see a whole lot more of her:

So you’re finally getting to record with Blake Shelton on his Christmas album.

Being on Blake’s Christmas album is actually really exciting for me. I’ve never actually recorded with him; this is the first time we’ll ever be on a CD together. I was really honored when he asked me to be a part of it and after he told me who else was going on be on the album, too. Just to see Michael Buble, Miranda (Lambert), Kelly (Clarkson); you know all these awesome artists, and to have him include me was just special. Even his mom, Dorothy, is on the album and I’m excited about that too! I feel like all these people that are on the record with him are close to him – it’s his friends and family.

Who decided on what song to record? Was it a mutual idea, or did he pick it himself?

It was funny because just one day he randomly called and was like, “hey, do you wanna do this Christmas album with me?” I was like, “yeah, of course!”. I know this is a song that he likes, so he asked if I wanted to do that song with him and I said absolutely. He chose the song.

So it must have been pretty exciting to finally get in the studio with Blake, then.

Yeah, it was exciting and a lot of fun. Miranda was there as well while I was recording. It was just kind of like a little hang out in the studio, sing a song, and Miranda is really encouraging. She was sitting there and helping me out with the song. It was fun and I was really happy to be there with him and Miranda. It was a good time.

What other tracks are you excited to hear from the album?

All the songs he’s doing are good songs. I’m actually excited to hear the song he wrote with his mom, just because I know how special that song is to him. I’ve never heard her sing before!

I saw on Twitter that you’re putting out a new single soon. Can you talk about it at all?

Yeah, I don’t know the exact date of when my new single is coming out. We’re aiming for 2 to 3 weeks max from now to release it. The song is called “Hiding Places,” and I’m excited about this song because it’s the first time I’ll be releasing a song that I’ve written. That’s really special to me and close to my heart. I believe in the song and I’m hoping that a lot of people will be able to relate to it. I’m super, super excited! I’ve been through a lot of changes this past year getting used to this new lifestyle and I finally found out who I want to be as an artist and what my sound is like – so this song represents that.

This is my favorite song and I love it because I feel like a lot of people go through what the song talks about. Everybody has their own hiding place, figuratively speaking, the hiding place being who you are. When I wrote the song, I was thinking how “why do I have to change to fit the mold to be like everybody else?”. The song is about when somebody loves you and truly cares for you, they won’t try and take you out of your hiding place, but share it with you instead. I know a lot of people go through it at school, at work, or with their friends and family and feel like they can’t be themselves because they’re scared. That’s basically what the song’s about.

Is this from a new album you’re working on?

This song is not from my EP, it’s a brand new song that’s never been heard before. It’s just a single that I wanted to release. I am working on more songs so hopefully I can get out a full, real album real soon. But, this song will definitely be on the new album that I’ll be having out.

There’s no set time on the album, I’m just working on songs when I can. I want to get it out as soon as I can, but I’m really not sure when.

Now, are you still on Universal Republic?

No, I’m not. We actually parted ways. A lot of amazing things have happened since then, so I’m actually happy with the way things worked out. It’s sort of unfortunate and of course it was a bummer, but I’ve gotten all these awesome opportunities since then so I’m completely excited. I’m thrilled because I’m going to be recording for Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial, so I’ll be appearing on the new commercials.

Some really great doors have opened up since then, and I’m really excited for what lies ahead. I’m just really happy to be where I am right now.


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