The Roys New Day Dawning Debuts At #2

The Roys. photo credit: So Much MOORE Publicity

The Roys might just be the hottest thing in Bluegrass right now. The duo’s sophomore album “New Day Dawning” made is debut on number two on the Billboard Bluegrass Albums Chart. The 7-song EP, which was released on Rural Rhythm Records, is a first for a Bluegrass artist. The sibling duo has been receiving great reviews for their new music, which showcases their traditional-sounding vocals and songwriting. Check out what critics have said about their latest release:

“The album showcases Lee and Elaine’s smooth, enjoyable brand of modern, Country-influenced Bluegrass.” – BLUEGRASS TODAY

“If you are new to the magic of family harmony in Bluegrass, start with THE ROYS.  If, on the other hand, you are steeped in the Louvins, the Stanleys and the Osbornes … when you first hear NEW DAY DAWNING your reaction will be ‘Yeah man, that’s it right there! Don’t change that channel.’” – WORLDWIDE BLUEGRASS

“On their new studio album, NEW DAY DAWNING, the brother/sister duo continues to blend an uplifting message with a traditional sound and sibling harmonies as they take time to reflect on their own roots.” – GAC

“There’s not a weak song on the album.” – BLUEGRASS NOTES

The EP is available right now at digital retailers. Their lead-off single “Still Standing” is out at radio now.

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