VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson Takes Us to Church with a Vince Gill Cover

It’s no secret to the world that Kelly Clarkson can sing absolutely anything. It’s also no secret to the world that Kelly Clarkson absolutely ROCKS when she dips her toes into country music. Although we’re holding out hope that she eventually dips way more than her toes, for the time being, we’ll take what we can get.

On Saturday, September 15th, KC took the stage in her new permanent hometown of Nashville to blow the roof off the Bridgestone arena. (Trust us, we were there.) Performing in the Capital of Music City, it was a shock to no one when she opted to cover a country song.

Dedicating the song to her guitarist’s deceased uncle, Clarkson literally took Bridgestone to church with a powerful rendition of Vince Gill‘s “Go Rest High on That Mountain.”

Check it out here: