VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson Stands By Her Man

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly…when will you stop toying with our emotions? Night after night, you take the stage and effortlessly bend genres with your vocal chords of steel. You’ve tackled the likes of Eminem and Gotye, but we have to admit that nothing makes us happier than hearing you croon something country. In the last few months, we’ve swayed along to YouTube videos of “Wide Open Spaces” and “Walkaway Joe,” but this time, you’ve outdone yourself.

It takes some real country chops to tackle a classic like Tammy Wynette‘s “Stand By Your Man,” but in Indianapolis, you did just that. And brilliantly, we might add.

Kelly, it’s time. We’ve hummed along to “Breakaway,” jumped to “Since U Been Gone,” snarled to “Never Again,” and fist-pumped to “Stronger,” but it’s time to give us a country album. Pop music will always be waiting for you with open arms, but country is ready for you. Put that Texan twang to good use, join up with pals like Blake & Miranda, and give us a real country CD. It’s time.

In the meantime, we’ll be watching this brilliant cover. Over and over and over again.