VIDEO: Carrie Underwood “Blown Away”

It might be missing some lions, tigers, and bears, but what isn’t missing is one of Carrie Underwood‘s dogs. Carrie’s new ‘Wizard of Oz’ influenced video for “Blown Away” is finally here and includes a debut appearance by her own “Toto,” Penny.

The video premiered on E! and E! Online on Monday night. In a behind-the-scenes interview with E!, Carrie says “We wanted to create this modern-day, tragic Wizard of Oz mini-movie.”

In the video, Carrie lives alone with her father, an abusive alcoholic. A nearby twister leaves Carrie with the choice of saving her passed-out father or leaving him there to die. Carrie attempts to wake her father and then leaves him to head for the basement. Once the twister has passed, Carrie comes up from the underground to find only sunshine, rainbows, a yellow path..and her dog Penny, of course.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

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