Preparing For a Hurricane? Download These Storm Savvy Songs!

This post is aimed at (primarily) my fellow Floridians as they anticipate and prepare for Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac. All of you who have been through one of these dreaded storms know that when the electricity goes out, it can be days (sometimes weeks) before it is restored. We at Keepin’ It Country thought it would be fun to give you some last minute storm savvy tunes to load on to your iPods. Hey, if you can’t avoid Isaac, welcome him with open arms … and great weather-related music!

1. Let’s get this thing rolling with a predictable lead-off hitter – Gary Allan. How could we urge you to kick off your storm playlist with anything other than “Songs About Rain”?

2. In true Florida fashion, tell Isaac to “BRING IT!” with Jo Dee Messina‘s beautiful ballad “Bring on the Rain.”

3. Naturally, as you are storm-readying your homes, a little “Storm Warning” from Hunter Hayes is more entertaining than these speculative meteorologists on your local news stations!

4. Let’s be a little optimistic here as we sit and wait to be pummeled with rain. At least rain will make corn, corn will make whiskey, and we all know what whiskey does to your ladies, don’t we gentlemen? Get yourself a little Luke Bryan “Rain Is a Good Thing” fix and look on the bright side.

5. With rain comes thunder. With thunder comes reminders of that oh-so-controversial song and music video that was banned from music television in the 1990’s. Do yourselves a favor and download the extended version of Garth Brooks‘ hit song “The Thunder Rolls”.

6. Keith Urban could not have predicted it better than he did. “Raining on Sunday” is exactly what will happen as Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac rolls in. Ten bucks his forecast is more accurate than the professionals’.

7. It is perfectly clear that Tim McGrawwould prefer a different kind of rain storm over the one that is about to make land fall in the United States. Tim’s kind of rain can only be best described in his hit song, “She’s My Kind of Rain.”

8. Like Jo Dee, David Nail understands the inevitable. It is going to rain. It is going to pour. Embrace it and let it come down on you…well, actually, stay inside the house, but figuratively let it come down. And while you are safe inside your house, download David’s “Let It Rain”.

9. With storms of this magnitude also comes a lot of wind. It would be remiss of me to not mention that Carrie Underwood‘s “Blown Away” would be perfect for this playlist. However, I do hope that you are securing all of your personal items, so as to not have anything blown away…

10. And to round out our list, we ask that you keep in mind that once the storm passes, the sun WILL rise. Wrap up your Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac playlist with Kelly Clarkson‘s “The Sun Will Rise” – because, as always, it most certainly will.

From all of us at Keepin’ It Country to all of you out there — enjoy your new and improved playlists, and, most importantly, stay safe out there!

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