Jason Aldean Is Scheduled to “Take A Little Ride” On the “Night Train”

Information Jason Aldean‘s fifth album has finally left the station! Get excited, Aldean fans, for Jason’s next sure-to-be hit, “Night Train,” scheduled to hit stores on October 16th!

The lead single off “Night Train” is titled “Take A Little Ride,” which sold more digital copies in its first week than another other song by a male country artist in history. Is this news exciting, or what? Well, we have a little more for you fans out there. The following is the full track listing for “Night Train”:

1. This Nothin’ Town

2. When She Says Baby

3. Feel That Again

4. Wheels Rollin’

5. Talk

6. The Only Way I Know (with Luke Bryan and Eric Church)

7. Take A Little Ride

8. I Don’t Do Lonely Well

9. Night Train

10. 1994

11. Staring At The Sun

12. Drink One For Me

13. Black Tears

14. Walking Away

15. Water Tower

Get ready to climb aboard the “Night Train,” everyone! It’s sure to be an exciting ride!

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