Man Attacked At Jason Aldean Concert

jason aldean. photo credit: James Minchin III

One man was hospitalized after he was attacked at a recent Chicago-area Jason Aldean concert, reports Tinley Park Patch. A 28-year old fan was on his way back to his lawn chairs when he was tackled to the ground by a suspected intoxicated male. The victim was able to roll the pair over and get in control when two other males got involved and knocked him to the ground, kicking him repeatedly. The victim covered his head in an attempt to protect himself, but received blows to his torso during the attack. That’s when a friend of the victim saw the incident and ran over to assist the victim, causing the three assailants to run away.

The victim told police he wasn’t feeling well and had scratches on his face. When he was brought to hospital it was discovered that he was suffering from major blood loss and lost almost 2 liters of blood from the attack! The victim was hospitalized and had his spleen removed as it was punctured by his ribs. He’s expected to be released from hospital on August 24th, but he still does not know why he was attacked or who the attackers were. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact local police.



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