Crocs CoFounder Blames Taylor Swift For DUI

Our friends at 100.3 KILT might have the weirdest story of the week on their hands. The radio station is reporting that Crocs footwear co-founder is blaming Taylor Swift for his recent DUI arrest on the weekend. 51-year old George Brian Boedecker, JR. was found asleep at the wheel of his Porsche in Boulder, Colorado on Sunday night. His car was parked partially on the sidewalk and still running when police found him. He became uncooperative and said he would go “medieval” on the officers and that he had gotten into a fight with his “famous girlfriend”… who he said was none other than Taylor.

He told the officers that they were now his “enemy for life” and that Taylor was the one driving, not him. He claimed she left for Nashville after they had gotten into an argument.

He’s now free on $500 bond. In case you need to know… there was never another driver, or Taylor, found.

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