Oak Ridge Boys Named Official National Anthem Singers

The Oak Ridge boys. photo credit: Webster PR.

The prestigious National Music Council has appointed the Oak Ridge Boys as the official leading singers of the American National Anthem. The title recognizes the group’s love for the patriotism of the country, to honor their advancement of American music culture, and their celebration of global diversity in music traditions. The announcement was made last night during their performance at the Grand Ole Opry when WSM’s Eddie Stubbs introduced the Opry members.

Oak Ridge Boys member Duane Allen describes the appointment as a reflection of the group’s American pride:

“Just reading the proclamation gives me chills.  The National Music Council represents all of the major music organizations in America. The Oak Ridge Boys enjoy the privilege of leading in the singing of our National Anthem. We love to hear an entire football stadium singing it with gusto with us. Being designated is a huge honor, and we are humbled to be selected by the NMC.”

The Oak Ridge Boys are currently out on the road, with their next stop tomorrow night at the Franklin County Fair in Hampton, IA, followed by Saturday night in Parsons, KS. For more information, or to see when they’ll be hitting a town near you, visit oakridgeboys.com.

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