Kellie Pickler Discusses Split from Sony

Fans were shocked when Kellie Pickler and BNA Nashville announced their amicable split earlier this month. The singer released her new album “100 Proof” only this year. It was our favorite album from Kellie yet, and hers, too. She opened up with Entertainment Weekly about the split and the album making process, which she admits was “hell” this time around.

Kellie explains the difference between making an album at 19, and why she feels “100 Proof” was more who she was:

Luke Wooten and Frank Lidell — they helped me discover the artist in myself. Since American Idol, it’s been like a blur. I’ve been pulled in a hundred different directions by a hundred different people. You know, signing contracts that I couldn’t read, but I was 19 and green and it was, “Sign this contract or go back to working in fast food,” and I didn’t want to do that.”

Kellie continues:

“Luke and Frank sat me down and I got to just sit with an acoustic guitar and I got to sing songs to them that I grew up on. You know Tammy, Merle, Waylon, Al Dexter, Kitty Wells. I could just go on and on and on. I just love traditional country music. They saw that in me, and that’s real. That’s me. When this album came out, the people that know me, my friends, went, “There’s Kellie. There you are.”

Kellie was frustrated with what she believed was a lack of promotion behind her when her album was released. She didn’t like not having a single out on the radio when her album hit stores:

“Well, it wasn’t promoted. When my album came out, I didn’t even have a song out on the radio. Nobody does that. [The label was] spread thin. When I was making my record, the CEO left. He retired. They brought in Gary [Overton]. My A&R left. They brought in somebody else. I went through four heads of promotion when my record was coming out. The only consistency was inconsistency.”

As for what label she’s looking at joining now – she isn’t sure. Kellie is thinking about both major and independent albums, but there’s one thing that she wants from her potential new home:

“I’ve thought about the major labels versus the more independent ones. The ones that actually can probably do more for you. They have more to prove. [You want] to sign with someone that is about the music and gets you.”

Good luck, Kellie! Read the full interview on Entertainment Weekly’s site here.

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