Jason Aldean Releases New Single to iTunes Today

Today is the day that Jason Aldean fans have been waiting for! If you’ve worn out your copy of My Kinda Party like we have, there’s no doubt you’ve been itching for new music from Jason. On the heels of five consecutive lead singles, Jason’s new track “Take A Little Ride” hits iTunes today and will be available in Walmart stores on August 7.

The track was written by Dylan Altman, Rodney Clawson and Jim McCormick. It’s typical Aldean with a distinct electric sound, perfect for a summer night tailgate or BBQ.

“Everyone has been asking if the new album is going to be different from the ‘My Kinda Party’ album,” said Aldean. “I tried to find the best songs that I could and also ones that fit what I do in my live show. There’s a little bit of everything, including some more traditional country stuff and some songs that might raise a few eyebrows. I thought this would be a great lead single to come with after ‘Fly Over States’…it’s about grabbing your girl and getting lost in the country. Sounds like a pretty good Friday night to me!”

Make sure to grab it on iTunes today! For more information on upcoming appearances and new music, please visit www.jasonaldean.com