Jason Aldean Changes Lyrics For Beer Sponsorship

Jason Aldean. Photo Credit: Reid Long

If you’ve been listening to every song on the radio lately, you might have noticed a little change in Jason Aldean‘s latest single “Take A Little Ride.” There’s been a one word change in his song, which originally paid tribute to a Texas beer called Shiner Bock. In a statement released by Jason’s label, Broken Bow Records, they’ve asked radio stations to play a new version of the single that takes out the name of the beer and replaces it with “grab a couple of Rocky Tops.”

So why the change? Radio station 100.3 KILT is reporting that Jason is close to signing a sponsorship deal with the Coors Brewing Company. Obviously, if that deal was signed, Jason wouldn’t want to be promoting any other kind of product by a rival company.

The single has been a massive hit for Jason, as it’s become the fastest-rising single of his career. “Take A Little Ride” was also the first number one iTunes single debut for Jason on the all-genres chart.

What do you think about product placement in music? Is it getting a little much, or do you think it’s not that annoying?

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