DJ Miller Explains Significance of Ink On My Skin

One of the most-asked questions for country rising star DJ Miller is what the tattoo on his arm signifies. The tattoo, which reads “A.M.W. 6-6-89 – 10-7-06″ is actually something close to his heart – a memorial to his friend who died at 17 years old in a car accident. It’s that memory, and the tattoo, which play a vital role to DJ’s special album cut “Ink On My Skin.” The emotional ballad is a co-write by DJ, Charlie Black, Don Goodman, and Jon Conley as a tribute to Adam Michael Williams. DJ had the tattoo done quickly after the accident as a way to grieve and remember his friend.

“I am privileged to have this opportunity to share this song in Adam’s honor,” says DJ.  “He was a great friend who lost his life way too early in a car accident.  I’m on a mission to make all young driver’s realize that they are only human and can die or be seriously injured in a split second due to the choices they make whether it’s speeding, choosing not to wear a seatbelt or texting.  Hopefully by sharing my very personal experience others will stop and think before getting behind the wheel.  It may sound trite, but if we can save the life of one young driver through the words of this song, Adam’s legacy will live on in a very positive light.”

“Ink On My Skin” will be included on DJ’s forthcoming debut album out later this year. Through the message on the song, DJ hopes to teach young drivers to be aware of their own mortality and the responsibilities that come with driving. Check out the video below of DJ’s short explanation of his tattoo and an acoustic performance of the tribute song:


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