Boots & Hearts To Honor Capital Hoedown Tickets

In an unprecedented, fan-centric gesture, Boots and Hearts Music Festival has announced that they will be honoring all general admission tickets that had been purchased for rival festival Capital Hoedown, which was to take place in Ottawa on the same weekend this year. Starting today, country music fans wanting to exchange their Capital Hoedown tickets for Boots & Hearts tickets can visit to complete the process. A one-day pass from Capital Hoedown will be valid for a one-day pass at Boots and Hearts, and a three-day pass at Capital Hoedown will be valid for a three-day wristband at Boots and Hearts.

“It’s disappointing to invest time and money in anticipation of an exciting weekend of country music and not have a festival to attend,” said Shannon McNevan, partner and executive director at Republic Live, the producers behind Boots and Hearts.  “A cancellation of this nature negatively affects the entire Ontario country music market, from the fans confidence to buy tickets in advance to the agents of global superstars being afraid to book their artists at our festivals in the future.  We believe it’s in the best interest of everyone involved, and for the future of country music festivals in this market, to ensure that if you’ve already invested your money, you have a chance to enjoy what you paid for.  For this reason, we’re happy to give all Hoedown ticket holders that have not received refunds the opportunity to come and experience Boots and Hearts with us this year.”

Fans will need to provide four items for the exchange to work: ticket order number, first and last name of original ticket purchaser, e-mail address, and a phone number. Fans have until August 3rd at 5 pm EST to apply for the ticket exchange so that organizers can help prepare the festival for the new influx of crowds. A small service fee will apply to ticket exchanges. VIP tickets purchased for the Capital Hoedown can be upgraded to VIP tickets for Boots & Hearts at a nominal fee.

Boots and Hearts Music Festival will be taking place in Bowmanville, Ontario on August 10th to the 12th and will feature performances by some of the biggest names in country music, including: Carrie Underwood, Lionel Richie, Tim McGraw, Lauren Alaina, Terri Clark, Kevin Costner, Big & Rich and many more. For more information visit

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