VIDEO: Strangers Help Disabled Fan See Blake Shelton Concert

Country music fans have a way of always sticking together. Two strangers at a Blake Shelton concert came to the aid of Patrick Connelly, a big country fan, who is confined to a wheelchair due to a variety of disabilities. Patrick went to see Blake at a free concert in Overland Park, Kansas. Because of his wheelchair, Patrick was unable to see around the standing crowd for one of his favorite country artists and started to cry. His mother and sister had tried to lift him up so he could see, but they were unable to in the 100 degree heat, reports The FW.

“Patrick started crying because he couldn’t see Blake Shelton, he couldn’t see anything but the legs of the people in front of him,” Cheryl Connelly, his mother, explained.

That’s when two good Samaritans got involved and lifted Patrick up for almost a half hour so he could see the concert. The two men even brought him right up to the stage so he could get a good look at Blake. The gesture didn’t go unnoticed, and Blake himself invited Patrick backstage after the show to come meet him.

“I can’t thank them enough for what that meant for my family, and especially for Patrick, for what it meant for him to be able to see that,” Connelly explained. “It brought tears to my daughter and myself.”

Check out the video interview below of Patrick and his mother about the goodness of country fans. They never found out the identities of the two men, so if you think you recognize them let us know and we’ll pass it on.

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