This Week In Entertainment!

Hey Keepin’ It Country readers! Welcome to our newest “column,” entitled “This Week in Entertainment…” This column will give all of you a heads up as to where to find some of your favorite country music artists on television shows, in newly released movies, and anyplace else an artist or his/her song may pop up with minimal warning! And, heck, while we are giving you that notice, we will also share a short review of that particular show, movie, etc., to help you decide if you want to tune in or check it out!

There is a new show on ABC Family called “Bunheads.” That term could likely be misconstrued to mean many things, but no, it is not a show about ex-boyfriends and tales of woe associated therewith. This show is about dancing; specifically, ballet. Why does this show get an extra special shout out on Keepin’ It Country? Because its promotional track is “The Sun Will Rise” by country music’s frequent and much beloved visitor, Kelly Clarkson.

“Bunheads” was conceived by “Gilmore Girls” creator, Amy Sherman Palladino, and if you were an avid watcher of those quick-witted, fast-talking Gilmores, you will notice many similarities between that show and this one. The most noticeable, other than the quaint, small town where everybody knows each other, is Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore) playing Fanny, the town of Paradise’s Miss Patty’esque dance teacher. You will also see some former Stars Hollow community members in small roles here, such as Gypsy. “The Sun Will Rise” is a perfect choice for “Bunheads,” which wrapped its first episode in shocking, almost cliffhanger fashion, making viewers wonder where this show is going and if it has the same staying power as Sherman Palladino’s previous hit. Clarkson’s track from her latest album, “Stronger,” serves as an anthem for the main players in “Bunheads” and gives the audience the feeling that everything will be alright, despite the large bump in the road that has already been hit.

“Bunheads,” featuring Kelly Clarkson’s “The Sun Will Rise” is on ABC Family on Monday nights at 9:00pm EST. Check it out to get your weekly fix of country in entertainment!

To check out the long version of the promotional video, featuring “The Sun Will Rise,” take a look at the video below.

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