This Week In Entertainment!

This week we would like to draw attention to a new series that hit ABC Family last night. I know, I know. Most of you probably failed to realize this new show was on because you were tuned in and so enamored by ABC’s “Duets” (or were really just staying “in the know” so when you read my friend, Nicole Piering’s, recap, you could identify with what she was referring to), but have no fear — “Duets” returns to Thursday nights next week and this new show can get all of your attention!

The question of the week is “Who’s Your [Baby] Daddy?!” and the answer would be Jean-Luc Bilodeau, previously of “Kyle XY.” “Baby Daddy,” a situation comedy on ABC Family starring Bilodeau, along with Derek Theler, Tahj Mowry, Chelsea Kane, and the reason we are spotlighting this show, CMT’s “The Singing Bee” hostess with the mostest and actress who brought us that big-hearted, small-brained Barbara Jean on “Reba,” Melissa Peterman!

“Baby Daddy” has been compared to “Three Men and a Baby” and shares the premise of a baby being left on her father’s doorstep by the biological mother, requiring the father and his fellow bachelor buddies to raise this infant who seems more like an alien than a human being. “Baby Daddy” has been the source of many critics’ contentions, but the positive aspect in an ill-received new show has overwhelmingly been Melissa Peterman. Peterman plays “Bonnie,” Bilodeau’s mother and grandmother to baby “Emma,” and proves to be young and light-hearted, but makes it known that she clearly regrets having had her own children so young.

All of this “Three Men and a Baby” talk leads me to wonder how long it will take the writers of the show to put a cardboard cut out of one of the male stars in a window in hopes that people will think they have seen a ghost. Hey writers, if all else fails, VHS rentals and sales soared when the “Three Men and a Baby” bunch pulled that little stunt. Tip of the cardboard top hat to them for coming up with that scheme! If I have learned anything from my taste in movies and shows, it is that the critics are often negatively speaking of storylines, characters, and actors/actresses I grow to love (I am talking directly to those of you who gave “Beaches” two stars and tried to give “One Tree Hill” the old heave ho during season one … nine seasons later, and what?!). And if I know anything about Melissa Peterman’s ability to bring a character to life, I would imagine that this show will at least tickle your funny bone and leave you wanting to come back for more the following week.

“Baby Daddy” airs on ABC Family on Wednesday nights at 8:30pm EST. Tune in, give it a whirl, and hey, if you don’t care for it, at least you have Nicole’s “Duets” recap to look forward to the next night!

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