Kenny Chesney Turns Producer

You may recall Kenny Chesney‘s hit, “You and Tequila.” You may also recall that female vocals that provided some depth and beauty to the track. That female vocalist is Grace Potter, and the musical bond she and Chesney created continues on as the two joined forces again; this time to create tracks for Potter’s album.

With his longtime co-producer Buddy Cannon, Chesney produced “Stars” and “Ragged Company” on the deluxe version of Potter’s “The Lion The Beast The Beat” album which was released this week. Chesney first heard “Stars” in February. “We were hanging out in her kitchen and she grabbed her guitar and played me a verse and chorus of the song which she was still writing,” recalls Chesney. “I love the creative process. I was there when the song was born and we nurtured it through the studio and onto the record. That’s pretty cool.” Chesney and Alison Krauss also provide background vocals on the song.

“Ragged Company” first appeared on Potter’s 2006 debut album and they reprised the song with guest vocalist Willie Nelson. Chesney’s “Welcome To The Fishbowl” album will be released next week and features Grace Potter on the song “El Cerrito Place.”

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