Edens Edge’s Exclusive Deluxe Edition CD Now Available at Cracker Barrel

Country trio Edens Edge has an exclusive album available at Crack Barrel Old Country Stores.  Edens Edge – Deluxe Edition features three sizzling new songs from the talented Arkansas trio, made up of Hannah Blaylock, Dean Berner, and Cherrill Green.

On the road, we frequently find ourselves grabbing a bite to eat at Cracker Barrel and listening to some of the amazing music from their exclusive program. So, to be a part of it all now is exciting for us.  It will be a thrill for us to hear every time we walk in one of the stores across the country – Dean Berner.

Our connection with Cracker Barrel is as personal as it is professional…There’s nothing like seeing one of their billboards when you’re hungry and knowing that it’s only a few miles to the exit and some good country cooking. – Cherrill Green

We love to connect with people through music. Having our debut album in Cracker Barrel gives us an even greater opportunity to connect with our fans in one of our favorite restaurants in the country.  – Hannah Blaylock.

Music is an important part of the guest experience at Cracker Barrel…Introducing guests to a talented new trio like Edens Edge is a wonderful way to expand our exclusive music program and its appeal to a variety of tastes. – Julie Craig, Cracker Barrel Marketing Manager.

Fans can purchase a copy of Edens Edge – Deluxe Edition at any Crack Barrel Old Country Store location or at crackerbarrel.com.  The album and individual tracks are also available for download at crackerbarrel.com.

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