Chris Young Hosts a Virtual Meet & Greet with Fans

After signing autographs and hosting a fan club party for fans — events that, combined, lasted over nine hours at CMA Music Festival in Nashville — Chris Young had to bid adieu to hit the road for some tour stops. However, this did not keep Young from showing his gratitude to his fans he had to leave behind in Nashville.

Young utilized Netwave Technology while sitting backstage awaiting his set on Miranda Lambert‘s “On Fire ” Tour so that he could spend a tenth hour with his fans through a virtual meet and greet session. Fans continued to wait in line to meet Young, but this time, they communicated with him via video chat, where Young took a minute to speak to each individual fan and sign a digital autograph for them. As if this wasn’t enough, Young then went to Twitter and announced a Skype session with CMA Music Festival attendees while he was in Chicago. Young made history with his selfless actions, as he was the only artist this year to host a virtual meet and greet from Fan Fair Hall at CMA Music Festival.

Did you participate in any of Young’s virtual fan appreciation events? If so, tell us all about it here!

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