Brett Eldredge Shares Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Warner Music Nasville’s Brett Eldredge grew up in a pretty competitive household with his father and brother. The country singer shared a few of his favorite Father’s Day moments over the years for our readers, and we want to wish all the country music loving dads out there a happy Father’s Day this weekend!

On what his Father’s Day usually involved:

“We usually went golfing through the years….. In other words, my dad and brother would play competitively and I would spend most of the time in the woods/water looking for my ball.”

Brett also wanted to share his top 5 gift list for Dad this year, so if you’re still scrambling to figure out what to get yours, he’s here to help:

1. Super cheesy “World’s Greatest Dad” sweat shirt
2. Tums (what Dad doesn’t eat tums like candy)
3.  Putter (what Dad doesn’t need another putter, they all do the same thing but are just made to look more up to date and change styles from year to year)
4.  A “Honda Davidson”, I call them Honda Davidson’s because a lot of Dads want motor cycles but don’t sport the Harley biker look, so a more conservative motor cycle would be good pick.
5. A good ole fashioned Father/ Son fishin’ trip….worms, fishin’ rods, cooler, brewski’s; the whole shebang. 

What are you planning on getting your Father for Father’s Day? Or, what do you hope to get this year?

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