Announcing the Official 2012 Chevrolet Fan Anthem

Today, Chevy is mentioned in nearly 1000 songs, sold in more than 140 countries and continues to play a role in popular culture and the lives of many artists and fans, especially country music fans.

Chevrolet has been a partner with CMA for seven years, and with the 2012 CMA Fest wrapping up and summer in full swing, Chevrolet strives to continue to look for ways to support the music their clientele enjoys. Accordingly, Chevrolet has launched a music initiative, Official 2012 Chevrolet Fan Anthem, where country music fans contribute to a crowd-sourced country song compiled through daily fan submissions on Facebook. You can check out the Fan Anthem in development here.

The 2012 Chevrolet Fan Anthem started on June 4, and, each day, a new lyrical prompt will be available for submissions. The prior day’s three top tweets will be displayed for voting and the highest rated lyric is added to “Birth of An Anthem.” At the end of the campaign, all lyrics will be compiled to create the 2012 Chevrolet Fan Anthem. Get your country crooning on for your chance to make an appearance in Chevrolet’s Fan Anthem!

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