EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Tim Culpepper

Nashville recording artist Tim Culpepper is one heck of a country artist who truly emulates the definition of old-time, honkytonk country. His road to Nashville started with a simple request from his father, country entertainer/musician Forest (Curly) Culpepper, to take his gift to Music City.

There is no doubt that Tim’s family, complete with many accomplished singers and musicians, shaped the singer and songwriter Tim has become. Other influences, including George Strait and Keith Whitley, helped to create and maintain an interest and appreciation for a traditional, raw sound that is evident in his music.

Looking ahead to the release of his debut album, just days away, Tim is enjoying the success of his current single “Ghost,” which has spent twenty weeks on the Music Row chart.

Tim took the time to answer some questions for us via email. He discusses his forthcoming album, what he appreciates about country music and gives readers insight into the down-to-earth musician and man that he truly is.

“Pourin’ Whiskey On Pain,” your debut album, will be available by May 31st. What kind of story or message did you intend to deliver on this record?

There are still a multitude of people, myself included, who are inspired by the sound that built country music and I hope this body of work represents that.


Your single “Ghost” has spent several weeks on the charts. Can you tell us what this song means to you and why you wanted to release it as your first single?
Leading up to making this album, while performing this song live it just seemed to overwhelmingly resonate with the fans and at the end of the day, it’s all about giving THEM what they want.


Where did you draw your inspiration from when writing this album?
From playing honkytonks since my teens, along the way, I have either experienced or have known others who have lived every situation on this album. I guess the bottom line is, life gives you the lyrics, I put ‘em to music and call ‘em songs.


Do you feel pressure to succeed in the music industry since you come from such a musical family?
As far as my Mom, Dad and those who care about me, they’ve made it known that I’ve made them proud just taking the shot. And as for me, to make a living doing what I love for those that love what I do … well that’s what I call success.


What do you think you have that makes you unique in the country music genre?
I’m not sure what makes me unique, but I do what I do honestly. So I guess I’ll leave it up to the rest of you to decide what makes me unique.


Your sound can be compared to the likes of some of your influences, like George Jones and Randy Travis. Is it important for you to uphold that traditional, honkytonk sound amidst the mainstream pop-country hits on today’s radio?
To me, a house is not gonna stand long without a foundation, and this sound is the foundation that the country music house was built on. So, I hope it’s important to all of us in country music.


What do you love most about country music?
For the most part, that it reflects real people living real life and that it allows me an opportunity to make a difference.


What kind of show do you hope to deliver to your fans?
One that leaves them feeling they got their money’s worth.


What would you say has been the highlight of your musical career thus far?
Making this album and having my 1st single so well received by so many folks I’ve never met, as well as radio.


What can our readers expect from you next?
As far as the music goes, more of the same. Beyond that, one Helluva Good Time!


Connect with Tim:
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Watch his official music video for “Ghost”:

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