Reba’s New Sitcom Picked Up By ABC

Reba McEntire announced last night via Twitter that her new TV sitcom, Malibu Country, has officially been picked up by ABC.

 @reba: What a great day this has been! Got the long awaited call!!! “Malibu Country” has been picked up! It’s gonna be on ABC !!! Woohoooo!!!!!

 @reba: i get to wk w Lily Tomlin, Sara Rue, Justin Prentice, Juliette Angelo, Jai Rodriguez, Jeffery Nordling and Hudson Thames. Too much fun!

The show will focus on McEntire, who will play a single mom that divorces her rock-star husband after he has an affair.  The family moves from Nashville to Malibu in an attempt for McEntire’s character to start her own singing career and create a better life for her kids. ABC has yet to announce a timeslot for Malibu Country.

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